Choosing the right rod for your carp fishing

What are the best buy rods for about £100-£130 on the market today and what’s the best test curve for fish 15lb to 35lb?

Let me answer the second part of your question first if I may. The two most important things to look for in a rod is it’s Test Curve (tc) and its Action.

As you probably know, the Test Curve of the rod, which is measures in lb’s, refers to the amount of weight required to bend the tip of the rod round to 90 degrees of the butt. This gives an idea on how stiff the rod is, but that’s all.

The Action of the rod, which is just as important if not more so, describes how the rod bends. For example a ‘through action’ rod would be used for short to medium range, whereas a ‘fast-taper’ would be used for medium to long range.

Combining the Test Curve and Action of the rod a truer picture of the rods performance can be assessed.

Generally though, a rod of around 2 1/2lb to 2 3/4lb Test Curve would suit most waters, the later being able to case leads up to 3.5oz depending on the Action.

In answer to the first part of your question I’d say that Carp anglers today have never had it so good when it comes to choosing/selecting a rod to suit, with most of the tackle manufacturers producing a rod in their range for most budgets.

With this in mind there is no definitive answer to which is the best rod, for you, within your budget. I would suggest that you find a reputable tackle shop with which you could spend time going through their range of rods, within your budget, to find the one that not only suits your requirements, but that feels right for you. Even better would be to find a tackle shop that would let you have a cast of their rods before buying.

If you wish to go down the road of a custom built rod then you won’t find anyone better than Nick Buss. Nick is probably the best in the country at what he does and well worth a call on 01233 634832.

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