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    I didn’t fancy going on the river today as I thought it would be packed so I had a few hours after lunch on my local estate lake after a few Carp with my son Stuart. We fished against one of the islands about 2 swims apart and had a nice peaceful afternoon sitting behind our alarms doing a bit of Carp fishing for a change. The Island that we both fished against We both had a few Carp but I only took a couple of shots. Nothing to write home about, Stuart had the biggest at 15lb 15oz (he wouldn’t round it up by just an ounce ); but it was a very pleasant few hours. Keith
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    Do you actually hate ths country? Why not leave?
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    I managed to get out on a small river in cheshire today, lovely little river and I had a short but decent trotting session.....
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    The only thing I like "Up the Butt" is a Centrepin!!!
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    Had another go today in seering heat. Mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun lol. I won't go on about the arduous walk there etc and just say what I caught. I had a large dace first off, then a tiddly barbel... After that I had a few more dace and then nothing for quarter of an hour. I decided to remove the float and add a link leger to do some touch legerring. First tap was an eel of about 3lb, hooked just in the mouth so easily removed. Then I had a barbel.... Same fish looks a different colour on a different angle... I had a good few dace after that and then got fed up with catching them and re tackled my float. I moved a couple of hundred yards downstream to do some trotting. Anyhow, I had a few very decent chub ... By now my face was red as a beatrute and so I made my way back to the wheels and home for a drink!
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    HaHa, let’s really get a frivolous argument going, never mind a comparison between “indentured workers, slaves and those being forced to toil for food at the time of flooding.” That argument has been going on for several years, Who is right, who is wrong? No idea, ask two ‘experts’ and you will get two opinions. I take Ant’s post in the manner it was intended, personally I wouldn’t bother arguing Ant. BUT, I cannot allow your statement to go unchallenged Phone, Egypt is a trans continental country joined by a land bridge. I know this because like others on here I am a fecking EXPERT because I looked it up on google. Now bow to my superiority or I shall google fancy words to use against you or perhaps even speak French.
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    Why would you keep them in all day? Just a minute or two brings them into life. You keep some in a tin in your pocket (or bag if your from the north?!) To keep them from freezing ,use the stiff ones in your bait box as loose feed and the one you put in your mouth as bait Silly person if you had a mouthfull where would you store the rest of the worms!?! You only have 2 ears so space is limited ,the aluminium cigar tube up your butt keeps some groundbait from freezing solid but orifices are limited! Mind you i expect theres fox labled usb powered maggot warmers about today ?
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    John, regarding your question, is it okay to fish? Of course it is, if your conscience allows it! My wife and I are pretty much in the same boat as Cameraman so my fishing is now limited to a few hours in the morning. I would hate to bring Corona Virus 19 back home to me wife so whilst I still go fishing we remain in contact via a phone and hygiene and common sense rules. Mind you, I do fish from the end of our garden! I do wonder how I would cope if I did not have that privilege. The problem isn't fishing, it's other people
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    listen to this Chester’s I was working with a lad many years ago offshore on the rigs phone calls home were near non existent 1 a week so this lad would often write to his Missis , he shared a room with me and one evening in the cabin after our 12 hour shift he got an envelope and 4 blank sheets of paper and proceeded to put the blank sheets of paper into the envelope and sealed the envelope up put his home address on the envelope with a stamp . Now talk about a straight face looking straight at me I must say I was a little puzzled why he would put 4 sheets of blank paper in the envelope but his words were with a very straight face I ain’t talking to the bitch Now on more serious note the Captain James Cook monument here at Whitby has been On 24 hr guard from the local mafia to protect it from the loons who want to pull it down .
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    I had a walk over the fields today to an old bell mine that's formed a small pond, god only knows how long ago. Anyhow the pool has began to get encroached on badly by reeds and weed, so there isn't a lot of open water left. I was thinking of wading out and pulling up a lot of the reeds and maybe raking out some weed to create more open water but i'm a little more than nervous of sliding under the silted up bottom into the shaft so maybe not. I would have a go if someone had a rope tied to me, well see. I had loads of little rudd and perch. I wanted one of the little tench i've had in years past but I only stayed about an hour as I heard people walking along a nearby path and I didn't want to be seen fishing, if people got wind of there being a few fish in the pond it would be destroyed in quick fashion! No need for much tackle....
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    That looks weirdly familiar: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/upshot/presidential-polls-forecast.html
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    Oh I don't know. She appears to approve of the Donald and after several years of Obama the document that that was prepared by her in case Hillary won (now leaked) may not meet with your approval.. https://forum.makemusic.com/attach.aspx/22625/A Message from the Queen.pdf
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    TThis is my idea of a great band, and one that I have loved since the late 70s. One of my favourite Pink Floyd songs is ‘Comfortably Numb’ and my eyes still water when I hear the guitar solo being played at the end of this song, so if you only listen to one song then fast forward to 16:30 on the video counter put your headphones on and listen to this. And this Keith
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    Leedafeeder, What an interesting diatribe. May I ask since the UK GDP consists of - " In 2018, agriculture contributed around 0.63 percent to the United Kingdom's GDP, 17.51 percent came from the manufacturing industry, and 71.04 percent from the services sector.Jan 23, 2020" what logical attachment does the UK have to your EXAMPLE NATION? The only guess I might have is that UK citizens certainly are slaves to the EU right now? What else? In conjunction with the World Bank WTO also trades in the service sector. Could that have a bearing on the UK's short term future? Phone
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    You weren't trapped in the sliding window screen watching nubile females dancing by any chance?
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    Chesters, in all honesty, I really had to put the work in to get those fish. I walked about 4 miles of river there and back and dropped in negating steep bankings etc. Walking in the river is hard work as the combination of shallow fast water pushing againts you and slippery algea covers rocks of all shapes and sizes beneath your feet is pretty naff. My feet are very sore atm. This is the snag pit where I managed to prize that,little barbel from.... The river is low now and at this particular spot which is about 70yds wide I can just get across (if on tip toes) in my thigh waders in order to try and sprize fish from that mess. The water right up in those snags is only about a foot deep. Because the river is low and temps so high the fish seem to have gone into hiding and to look at it you would think the river was void of fish. For me this first few sessions on the river have been pretty naff and i've had to literally hunt the buggers down! I very much hope things improve as the season progresses.
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    No ones heard of it Mr Bush its a racist collection of people that whites cannot be included in lol It will upset some though not a mention of gender in it so prepare for it getting longer is it sex discrimination or transphobic not to include them not to mention those that wake up daily and decide what gender they will be over breakfast? Chomp slurp hey i think i will identify as a wummun today and go cause some strife demanding i be let in the wummons changing rooms ,i can then shout and scream and accuse everyone of being phobic ,thats a great days entertainment! Sorry mate your a bloke ,i could think i am a 6ft 4 black multi millionaire but its not gonna be what i see in the mirror of reality
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    All, Seeking an expert are we? I hate to pass up a challenge. Egypt is in modern day Africa Phone
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    Ah the brexiters were lied to broken record again ,good luck with that! Heres some of the remain lies ,twice so it may sink in strange you only ever imply brexiters were lied to but deny remainers were lied to ,them old cod blinkers again
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    Except that they were not.built by slaves.
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    Thinking I'm about done fishing this year. Gonna' do some tin can busting & ratting with my Air Rifle in the back garden. Our cat is always bringing rats home - I just need to find where she's getting them!!
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    I got out on the 16th but only managed 20 min's fishing before the thunder and lightening which was accompanied with heavy rain forced me to vacate for fear of being fried by on of the many bolts of lightening! In the 20 min's I got to fish I had a coup,e of small chub and a large dace. I had another go yesterday but it was a repeat performance as the weather forced me of again. I had about 20 dace before the rain, thunder and lightening saw me off. This one didn't want to be photograped.... This one crapped on me hand....
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    Nice one Keith, have you got over the breakage yet
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    Nice looking carp not like those pot bellied monsters you usually see
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    But they're your people. surely you can talk sense into them....
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    Here is an interesting, current link to FXSSI. https://fxssi.com/top-10-of-the-strongest-world-currencies-in-current-year You might find it helpful when reading the dribble product of some of ‘our own’ media. FXSSI do not need to sell click bait links to the gullible or indeed doom and gloom headlines to the mindless.
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    The markets say otherwise. The pound is rising against the Euro and international corporations like Unilever are relocating to the UK.
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    Just been watching a vid about a petition going on about removing a name on a university building (its most probably edited so truth questionably about the end findings) anyway the vlogger asked students if they heard about the petition most had ,would you support the name being removed most said yes ,he then asked what the person had done to deserve being removed not one could answer ,most never even knew who he was! Bloody mindless sheep!
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    Chesters, you need to get out more lol.
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    When i lived in folkestone a fishing chum and i started visiting farms with ponds on (theres a surprising amount) most just said have a go there baint no fish in them ,most did ,most looked like your pond and most contained lots of stunted fish . Some where better where the drains and ditches were maintained and some big perch! My favourite one was at the warren in folkestone ,gone now but fairly big in the 60's with some nice fish Now the laws about maintaing ditches have long gone the thousands of roadside ponds used for drovers for hundreds of years are quickly disapearing .There was a large pond near my old pond 150 years ago now all thats left is alarge green area of long grass and signes of the ditch that once fed it . Its a shame if the world goes tits up steam engines cannot transport goods any more only the water to keep them going ! All the roadside oonds they used to fill up are gone! Your set up is the same as mine except the rod is the same age as the reel ,its been with me as long as the mrs and we met in 1972
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    The only barbel i have ever caught was in the 60's at iden lock on the medway ,i did have a couple of tries on the FAS water at reading to no avail. Unfortunately since about 1995 my mrs medical condition means no more outings by myself and although she fishes a river isnt the place for someone who has fits out of the blue (and keeps getting in the way as we have to share the same swim) so the nearest thing to a river now is the Wey at tilford and waverley abbey and i have never seen a barbel never mind caught one on those stretches. Caught a couple of honestly sick looking ones when attempts were made to put them in lakes but they certainly didnt look (and fight) as spendid as yours do. Been keeping my eyes on the river here its VERY quiet even the annoying trout seem to have disapeared !
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    brilliant phone I have actually seen that before on that river it’s incredible to watch ,The noice of boat sending the fish into a frenzy , I have seen salmon and sea trout jump into boats as they start there journey up the Esk our local river on there way to the spawning grounds . I actually saw a sea trout jump onto the pontoon right next to me only a couple of pounds returned it to let it continue on it’s journey .
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    Damned festivalists! They will be trying to ban day next because it puts the night out of work It amuses me Floyd is being described as a "gentle giant" yet served a prison sentence for aggravated robbery!
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    I despair at the hypocrisy and the stupidity of some of these people I really do. If a white man murders a black man then lets make placards, protest, run amok and speak out against racism. If a black man murders a white man then sssshhhhh don't mention it or speak out about it or you're a racist.
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    I know 2 white south africans from my bailiff days doubt they would raise an eyebrow in the same town the black guy was in . I suppose it could be racial profiling at best but in some areas like even here those living in certain areas commit most of the crime within it ! There was uproar here by the amount of blacks being stopped and searched ,if it were in maidstone it would be and outrage if every other stop was a black person but in a a majority black area not so, you would expect more blacks to be stopped if the majority were black. Slavery was fine at the time, Chinese coolies were treated far worse than blacks because they were worthless their only worth was building America's railways and easily replaceable, blacks were a commodity they could be sold so had value . Talking of slavery We did the same blacks did it and arabs did it the african slave trade was going on long before we got in on the action so you cannot just blame whities . We are still doing it ,romanian cheap labour and good time girls is modern slavery run by romanians ,so you cannot whitewash history what happened happened these silly kids should be concentrating how these cheap clothes they are wearing come from ,where their old tech is sent to to be disposed of and where the mountains of plastic bottles end up before they start blaming some guy dead hundreds of years ago they need to look at themselves are they any different? They may not see it but they support it,everyone is to blame and no-one is blameless but stop diverting attention by trying to erase links to history you cannot history cannot be changed Time boris changed the law so water cannon was legal and rubber bullets were used ,its sad we now are dictated to by kids it used to be the other way round ,the majority changed things not a few hundred spoild entitled children As to the cops theres those that uphold the law and those that use it as an excuse to show their power to others ,you are only going to drive out the goods ones if you dont get rid of the bad ones from bottom to top but unfortunately in everything those that need punishing the most get off scot free a few will be punished at the bottom but those further up wont be so you will never get rid of it Black haters jew haters moslem haters flock together ,you wont get rid of it in institutions until you get rid of the mother and all her chicks and ofcourse blacks dont use the excuse their black to remain as underdogs ,if obama can do it they all can ,for christ sakes the head of both america and the uk are scarecrows if they can achieve it anyone can! D
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    Is a mixed race person a race? I think people are mistaking race for colour predudice. I doubt theres many wholly african genes in anyone outside africa so they cannot be american africans or british africans just americans or brits ,colour though bridges the divide. So its colour predudice not race hate ,a mixed race person hasnt a race. Those that hold the cards with black written on it are seeing the difference (hopefully)
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    I've now got the picture in my head of chesters poppin' E's at all night illegal raves in the 90's.
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    We used to dream of shoe laces ! Me and my sister only had one pair she got the left one on odd days me the left one on even days on a alternate sunday we painted our feet black wit dust from coal mine We could only afford 2 sundays a month so added 4 hours to each day to make up the week on the others
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    I've always thought that kids these days should get some muck under their nails (& even eat bogies) It builds resistance in later life IMHO. We've all done it!!
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