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    Thanks for trying to explain my position Phone, but you've got somethings the wrong way round. It's not so much the 'culture' of the carp anglers in general, I have a few acquaintances, that are carp mad, and we still talk amicably it's a mixture of things. It's not the fault of a virus that it inflicts itself on other people, but we still want to try and control, or eradicate it. We can't eradicate the people who catch and spread the virus, only try and get them to accept more hygienic, and common sense methods to help reduce the impact of that virus. Carp are the virus, anglers are part of the group that wilfully spread it. I've tried over the years to explain my feelings to this group, as well as, clubs, 'fishery' owners, river authorities, and the environment agencies, but while many say they see my point, I'm afraid they are only too willing to accept that angling is now becoming an artificial pastime, worshiping money and the ego, but without, for want of a better word, 'soul'. The creation of overstocked artificial, predominately single species waters, for one. I would feel the same whatever the species, even my favourite roach or tench, it just happens to be carp that are singled out, because they are easy to breed, grow large, and are virtually indestructible in comparison with many other species. I cannot understand, or accept, the appeal of waters that have no natural balance. Throughout my angling life, I have seen waters change, and the predominant species change within them. Sometimes it's been because of changes in the effects of the weather. Long dry summers like the mid 70s, saw an explosion of fry, and very good, (for the time), match weights in the autumn/winter, and the following year. This was then followed by an increase in most predatory species, pike, perch, chub, and even catching roach and bream on small live/dead baits. The waters then over time attained a new, 'natural balance', not always exactly the same as before. Eventually the whole thing levelled out, until the next change in conditions. Sometimes it was a manmade incident that altered that balance, such as pollution. Then, my view was that the water should be left until it could support aquatic life, and then, only then, should there be a restocking programme, just enough to 'kick start' the natural cycle. This last point was dismissed by those who wanted large stocking programmes, to produce instant results, which brings me to my next point. I don't usually refer to these waters as 'commercials', because we have always had waters where we had buy a permit to allow access to fish. The main difference is that where it was once done to create 'pin money', to bolster the family income, sometimes with the added inclusion of a bacon sandwich and a cuppa on arrival. Now it's an out and out business concern, a part of the angling 'industry'. Where once anglers paid the money to allow access to the water, and then their success depended on their skill, luck, or lack off. Now anglers pay not only for the right to fish, but as part of the fee, expect a guaranteed catch, regardless of their ability, and actively complain on line if they don't receive the 'catching experience' they've paid for, just like buying any commodity. Almost instant results, regardless of any ability on behalf of the angler. I've never believed that fish exist purely for the catching pleasure of the angler, they are part of a great cycle of life that encompasses all our native wildlife, and I felt privileged to be able to share in, and be a part of it, if only for a while, before returning to my inner city life. I could go on and on, and as some on here will attest I often have, but will finish....for now, with one more point. While Cameraman and I agree on most things, I, (so far), have refused to patronise any overstocked commercial water since my early disappointing forays in the 90s. While I can understand his views on the safety, and convenience aspects of these waters, especially for the young, and, I guess, the older generations, I still can't understand why they have to be so overstocked. I see it as a dumbing down of the whole thing, and with many of the youngsters I've help over the years, I have found that the ones who have it too easy when they start, (double figure carp, and big bags of fish spring to mind), are the ones less likely to stay with angling. Those who start 'small' and feel the need to 'grow' and expand their angling experiences over time, are the ones that I've seen continue over the years. In fact many of the youngsters I helped 20, 30 years ago, are still at it. It's a standing joke within my family that I have often been stopped by someone, who I don't recognise, but obviously recognises me, (I guess I must have looked pretty old 30 years ago). They then start to tell whoever is with me, the story of how I helped them when they were kids. It's a nice, if somewhat embarrassing situation to be in, but it makes me feel pretty good inside. John.
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    You're right Ant, 20 years young! I was one of the first to join, on February 19th, and almost immediately became a moderator. Technically I was 'involved' with AN before it even started. At the time Elton, myself, and many others were on the rec.fishing.coarse.uk chat group (ethernet?) where I'd be replying to requests on where to fish. Then Elton contacted me to ask if I'd like to manage the fisheries database on a website he's hoping to make. I agreed, and the rest is history.
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    Don’t be daft, he doesn’t subscribe or actually read the body of the text, he just grabs and links to the headline that, very often contradicts With the point he is attempting to make.
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    I had the last hour of daylight on the river today and it was more than enough! Ok, it was only 6 degrees but the wind made it feel much colder and it made my hands and especially my fingers ache like hell. Anyhow, the hours trotting/torture produced quite a few small chub and I lost one that felt quite decent to a hook pull.
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    BC, You know you can still look at the posts in the closed thread, as well as this one. I have a suggestion. Just select a "post from the past" and then all you will have to do is type #314 or whatever is nearly identical to what you were going to post this time. As for me have a #216 Phone
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    I'll comment. Unless you've been in a position of responsibility to take or save life and have been trained as such, briefed as such, are acting as such and have a split second to make a life changing decision, (for both parties) I don't think anyone is qualified or has the right to make statements or judge without having 100% of the facts in front if them. Mistakes have always been made, will always be made, but as long as the person responsible is acting in the interests of the brief given and within the law they should be confident before setting out that they have the full backing of the law and the brief provided even if they get it wrong. Better to be tried by 10 then carried by 6. They put their life on the line for us. Right or wrong every day, maybe less than a quarter second to decide, yet armchair heroes, keyboard warriors, tree huggers, do gooders and associated buffoons have a lifetime to rip them to shreds. More than a little unfair I think.
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    I buy red crumb by the sack £27 for 20kg off Ebay I also buy hemp at the same time, £26 for 15kg. Cook my own hemp with additives, freeze it down or use fresh. With the crumb, I add my own additives as I see fit to where I'm fishing, sometimes I'll buy a bag of the expensive stuff, often a meaty red and use some of it to some crumb. I often buy the groundbait that's in the remainders or cheap bin to mix in. Occasionally I'll grate a tin of meat into it or blitz hemp to a rough powder. Just experiment with whatever is available. I tend to mix it with the water from the cooked hemp. Oh and unless hemp is banned I always add hemp and corn. It normally lasts me 2 or 3 seasons, just depends on how much I get out and need groundbait. Normally I use it through the feeder only. One of my favourite additives at the moment is a suet bird food pellet from the pound type shops, 89p for about 1.5kg I think. Very soft and can be rubbed between your hands to produce a rough powder, mixed with g'bait it helps bind for a method type mix or just through the feeder. Used loose as a feed, the pellets are about maggot size. On the hook, banded, single or double it's a killer bait. They come in red and an off white. 1 bag lasts 2 to 3 sessions maybe more. You do get the odd pellet that floats but the vast majority sink. Oh, one last thing, if I'm really struggling for bites I sometimes squirt some strawberry ice cream topping stuff on the loaded feeder and bait.
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    Oh look, a post by clod I can agree with.
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    Why does a brown cow make white milk,when it only eats green grass?
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    I'm with Phone on this. If you haven't fallen in yet, you're not trying hard enough!
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    River Frome - Wool 0800 - 1400 Dull, overcast and cool - AT around 6ºC all day with a breeze picking up. River VERY full, barely within its banks and that only recently given the state of the field. 1.30m at the East Stoke river gauge - much higher than I'd usually fish it - BUT after a dry week it was reasonably clear. 10 Grayling - only 4 needed the net - biggest 1lb 11oz but that was the only really 'decent' one. 1 Sea Trout (1¼lb and still with sea lice on it), 1 brownie - small. Bit of a gamble - but the river levels have been so high on the Frome since the start of the season (1st Nov) it looked like my DDAS ticket was going to go to waste - and with more rain forecast this week - it was a case of now or never! The venue is never prolific so it was nice to get a few, and would often get a fish first trot when I moved swims. Frustratingly I lost nearly as many as I landed including a large fish which I had on for sometime before the hook pulled (again!) - hope it was just a troot! Resting and returning to swims was the order of the day - all fish coming from just 3 spots (and one of those only produced one fish!) One of yesterday's 'hotspots'.
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    From today’s Hansard: Mr Deputy Speaker (Mr Nigel Evans) I have to notify the House, in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967, that Her Majesty has signified her assent to the following Act: European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020.
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    Just don’t get between him and a meat pie! Or be cruel to hamPsters.
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    I saw some absolutely disgusting behaviour on the way through town today. There was a man and a woman having an almighty argument in front of a load of kids. Suddenly the woman just lost it, she was hysterical and smacked the guy straight in the head. It all kicked off then and there was a massive brawl. Someone must have called the police because this poor policeman turned up on his own. He was trying to stop the fight by hitting the man with his baton but the guy took the baton and was hammering the Policeman and the woman with it. Then out of the blue a crocodile appeared and stole all the sausages!
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    I believe that Anglersnet is in it's 20th year, if so, Happy Birthday! https://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/3-coarse-fishing/page/1775/ Last month was the 14th anniversary of my joining, and looking back at the lively debates we used to have, (mainly about fishing believe it or not), it's sad to see what we have now. AN helped me through a stage when, for various reasons, I couldn't indulge in the pastime I've loved all my life, indeed I was on the brink of selling my gear, and packing in altogether. There are many names that have come and gone in those years, and I sometimes wonder what happened to them. There was a wealth of information, from anglers vastly more capable than me, but my input was discussed, and accepted, and was even found to be helpful at times. There were of course some disagreements, (mainly in the sea angling forum if I remember correctly), and threads were locked on occasion, but it was all reasonably amicable. I am as much to blame as most, for the lack of angling input, but now that I can get off more often, I find it difficult to post about the 'ordinary' results of my recent trips. I try to get off two or three time a month, but age has added different restrictions, to the ones I used to have, and my posts seem to turn into rants, or moans, (it must be an age thing). I used to be able to come on here, and talk with fairly likeminded anglers, but now, this Brexit thing has, IMO, caused many members to leave, and the animosity that it spreads, is depressing. It's taken over the whole forum, as well as the national media, so there is no escape, no respite, from it, and I admit my own part in continuing it, when I like an idiot, get 'suckered' back in. I wonder if this place will exist in a few years time? I do hope so, but with more angling input, and a more friendly atmosphere. So a big thank you to Elton for starting AN, it can't have been easy over the last few years, and a Happy Birthday to AN, with hopes for a happier, and healthier future for it and it's members, John.
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    River Kennet & Carrier - Marsh Benham 0745 - 1200 Bright and mild. River down an inch or two on last visit (10 January)- and quite clear. 3 Chub; All 1¾ - 2½lb. 1½doz Roach - all a 'nice' size but nothing over 8oz. 8 Dace - most small with one chunky one of 8oz. 8 Brownies 1-2½lb & 3 Rainbow's to 4½lb Another morning failing not to catch trout! Fished all the usual chub banker swims - but they were mainly full of trout. The rainbows as ever gave a very chubby like fight so was doubly disappointed to see that flash of pink as I got them to the surface.
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    Kennet & Avon Canal - Woolhampton 1515 - 1715 Clearing skies after 24 hours of continuous rain courtesy of Storm Dennis. Canal very full and coloured up. 2 Perch; a 'pounder' - but not by much and a tiddler. Snatched session to cure a weekend of cabin fever!
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    Its not immoral its just illegal to buy (strange the "land of the free "has so many laws banning you from doing things)nothing to stop you eating your horse ,they go to canada or mexico for their last holiday where they are appreciated ,or possibly in the past to us for a certain lasagne (wink)
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    Your looking through your eyes and in the 21st century ,if witch burning and slavery were not seen as moral back then crowds wouldnt have formed at a witch burning and land owners wouldnt have had slaves as it would have been immoral then! Even hangings drew crowds until the very last public one it was perfectly moral in its time Even now things are moral in countries that are not here ,we tend to get in big trouble forcing our morals down other peoples throats!
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    Your arguement Sir is a non starter and pulled out as a poor excuse for abolishment whenever this is brought up. The thing is it couldn't happen unless there is intelligence and proof and the family member has either a history or interest in murder, terrorism or associated buffoonery. It's why we have a justice system, trial by jurors, defence by barrister and a whole lot of hoops to jump through. Innocent until proven guilty. If a member of my family was involved in any form of terrorism a whole file would be available for defence and prosecution and someone somewhere would be able to provide indisputable evidence of guilt. Its not execution by association or circumstantial evidence. The authorities don't just randomly arrest and execute. The British justice system might not be perfect, but it's the best we have. I have to believe in it and uphold it, defend it. Defend my country. Btw, I'm a retired ex Soldier, I spent the best part of 30 years man and boy in The Parachute Regiment. I believe in my country, I trust my country and I have defended it, several times. I also believe in free speech, and the right of what I consider absolute buffoons to have their say. Nothing wrong with the death penalty, I firmly believe in that too. Pedos, rapists and terrorists straight to the top if the list. - and that Sir is my right to free speech.
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    A couple of hours roving the river again this afternoon and I had a decent few chub, a few pic's of some of them...
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    Absolute prime example of the waters John means. Just like the lake I was fishing in Lincolnshire. Ovetstocked, rely on anglers for food and stunted. No predators in the water to balance the order. I think we both agree in principle but agree to differ that some easy waters are needed for kids. It was never an argument I'm sure John will agree, just a chat, like you'd have over a beer. 👍
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    I'm afraid that's all i've got Phone.
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    On the subject of newspapers John and which ‘lies’ the most, it is strange that these claims are made by media titles that display a rather limited and one sided outlook. Despite discussing this in the other thread and referring to IPSO statistics page I see it once again is back. Perhaps more interesting to some on here rather than people with a single agenda to prove himself right is the following quote, once again easily referenced on the IPSO website: Perhaps, just perhaps the reason the Daily Fail scores higher than, say, The Guardian or even The Independent is that the latter two, amongst a great deal more have not signed up to the scheme! Not such a damning question to ask people to answer now is it.
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    Even when I was hit with a car and knocked head first into a stone wall last year I ate food shortly after, pain didn't stop me from eating. They've got to eat asap re-generate and recover. Check out injured animals/mamals/birds etc that have legs missing and other horrific injuries and they go and eat as soon as possible. Personally, I believe fish do feel pain, but as a hook through the lip usually leaves no signs of damage and the pain is short lived then I can cope with it, especialy as the fish are being rewareded with jack bit. If i'm honest I do avoid live baiting nowadays as knowing a creature is struggling for it's life whilst being impaled through it's body on hooks my conscience gets the better of me.
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    Once they got the bit in their teeth they would have ,america in filling every country bordering russia with missiles pointing at them still think they may!
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    Potemeg? (Sp?)Was the best i ever found ,not bad on the hook aswell if i remember the hazy days of my youth Bit of a miser me i may buy a bag and use a cupful now and again and chuck the mouldy half bag out a year later
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    TheRoyal Navy established the West Africa Squadron at substantial expense in 1808 after Parliament passed the Slave Trade Act of 1807. The squadron's task was to suppress the Atlantic slave trade by patrolling the coast of West Africa.[1] With a home base at Portsmouth,[2] it began with two small ships, the 32-gun fifth-ratefrigate HMS Solebay and the Cruizer-class brig-sloop HMS Derwent. At the height of its operations, the squadron employed a sixth of the Royal Navy fleet and marines. In 1819 the Royal Navy established a West Coast of Africa Station and the West Africa Squadron became known as the Preventative Squadron.[3] It remained an independent command until 1856 and then again 1866 to 1867. Between 1808 and 1860 the West Africa Squadron captured 1,600 slave ships and freed 150,000 Africans.[1]
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    My wife used to fish with me years ago but cant now. She still tells me to book where I can fish(or shoot). I always fancied Anglers paradise, but it does look expensive at first look. All things relevant, if you have good fishing you get your moneys worth then it seems cheaper. Take my other pass time, shooting. Cheaper for the "gear" cheaper for the licence (£80 for 5 years). Bait and ammo is comparable, buy expensive, buy cheap, use what you use. No real add ons like floats or end tackle. But.........and it's a big but, game shooting can cost £1000 a day, I don't game shoot, I couldn't possible afford or justify it. You even have to pay the greedy farmers to shoot vermin, foxes, pigeons, magpies, etc. Varies from day to day, but they expect at least 20, better 50 and a bottle at xmas. Clay pigeon shooting varies from £15 a shoot to .35p per clay. A days shoot with my son, while my wife and his partner enjoy the on site spa, easily over £500. A week at Anglers paradise or a cottage on the River............... it's what you make of it and the enjoyment level, memories. I often come in from a bad days shoot, thinking I could have had a weeks fishing in the caravan for that. When I'm sat in the cold and rain fishing or blanking, I think I could be shooting instead of here. When its sunny, I'm happy with either. Winter blues for me.
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    We should never have joined in the first place.......... ...........as for the milk question - take a look down the khazi next time you have a dump, you might recognise some sweetcorn, but nothing else.
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    The dolphins arrive early this year just yesterday
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    There are a remarkable number of these things that begin in China, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Bird Flu, Sars; probably more but I cant remember them all. The main problem is the numbers of Humans, Pigs and Ducks living in close contact. It's high time the Chinese government sorted it out.
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    Well John S, I’ve given this consideration some thought. I did consider starting a new thread entitled “The EU, should we have left?” But perhaps too close to this one. So what do you think of “Should we rejoin the EU?” That would have some mileage. But then I thought about a new subject that would allow certain posters to link to media experts and media headlines whose opinions are really credible and beyond argument simply because social media and the like support them, such as “Is the moon made of cheese?” But after your input I have settled on “Poll; Which is the best junction of the M25 to enter to travel all the way around London and is it best to travel clockwise or counter clockwise?” There you go, that’s it, instead of a thread going around in circles we can have a thread about going around in circles! Thank me later.
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    Maybe Dorado? (aka Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish) Not actual Dolphin?? Dolphin are mammals so prob' unlikely be sold in fish shops!! - That said Whale meat probably was back in the day. Flipper wouldn't be at all happy lol.
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    I had several hours roving the river today but despite the temps being up and covering nearly 3 miles of river I had very little success. All I caught was two small chub and one looked as though it had had a narrow escape from something or other.... Some pics of the chub with the recent looking scars...
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    First world problems....... The amount of pollution produced by a properly set up wood burning stove in the right environment is insignificant - especially when compared to the state of some of our old mining belt towns (Ashby de la Zouch springs to mind) where they used to burn unsellable spill from the collieries and you could taste the air in winter.
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    Most sensible thing you have said since it all started
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    Big Cod, YES - your post is EXACTLY what has already been AGREED to - signed sealed and delivered. Go back to my post where I quoted. It's a done deal 200 miles and ONLY the UK can decide who fishes where (remember, there is also a transition agreement until 30 November 2020) Fisheries are DONE Phone
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    https://neal.fun/deep-sea/ C.
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    I asked a friend and it appears they do! Fhttps://www.redbubble.com/people/gigipl7/works/37059806-penguin-with-pink-bikini?p=ipad-case
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    All, More snow and bad weather. To amuse myself I was thumbing through old "stuff" She was a beauty but not the largest by a long shot Phone
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    Quote, “Now on a more serious knote artickle 50 is be challenge in the high court this Friday .“ Fully appreciating that Clod has often been accused of not reading an article before eagerly posting it for the benefit of all, this time he has hit the bottom of the well. Once again in desperate hope that the cavalry is on the horizon galloping baldly to rescue him from the depths of misery he grabs a few straws presented to him! One doesn’t have to read far in the quoted article to see that it is dated 2017, a little bit of further reading sees it refer to The Prime Minister, Teresa May. Perhaps to knock this latest pitch of ‘evidence’ clear out of the ball park I would like to add that this tale of doom for Brexit was immediately quashed by the court, as any first year law student would have advised. Perhaps the legal expert Clod was reliant on should stick to Architecture, but equally I expect the lawyers representing this forlorn hope gratefully accepted the crowd funded monies.
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    I think I like having a nice patriotic picture of Boris on this page:
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    Well Gozzer, it has been a long time but, if you go back to the earlier parts of the thread you will see that some contributors were merely grasping at headlines and posting up a link to rather dubious headlines without reading the entire of the text or indeed having any understanding what so ever on what process or whatever was behind the actual decisions made. Some posters would post a link to an article and, after it was proven that the content was untrue would continue to post links to differing media publications saying the same thing almost as if the accuracy of any report is proven by and directly proportionate to the number of differing outlets within it is referenced. If you look now you will see that...... OH BUM!
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    River Lambourn - Newbury 0800 - 1245 Cold (-1º -> 4ºC) bright and sunny. River very full but clear as always! 18 Grayling with around half a dozen in the 12oz class and a couple of bigger ones to 1lb 6oz. 1 Dace; 10oz & half a dozen brownies 1 fish of a 1lb plus the rest small or parrs. Another 2 inches of rain since last weekend has really stuffed up the Kennet and with the first frost of the year there was only really one choice if I wanted to get on the bank this weekend. Seems I wasn't the only one - I encountered 8 other anglers fishing here this morning! Usual tactics of catch a couple and move on - dace was a bit of a surprise - especially the size of it.
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