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  1. "If" I see you changed your original post to hide you thought trump junior was trump not noticing his date of birth ,getting clever lol
  2. Yes now the government wont be able to blame the EU and get on with running the country
  3. Donalt trump is 70 odd thats his son idiot The golf course opened fully in 2012 ,he bought the land years before and put his son in charge and it was bought by one of trumps companies not trump personaly as i said Jr means junior not jr ewing
  4. Are you deliberatly thick or have you practiced ,the bit i posted was from 2012 showing i knew he had a golf course ,he had only built it a year or so before! He no longer owns it ! Or should i say he no longer owns it on paper! He resigned leaving junior trumps in charge. He most probably wouldnt have owned it personaly some trump company would have so the losses could be written of against taxes ,blokes like trump dont lose money out of their personal pockets
  5. Show me where i said it ,the thread i linked to says i knew trump had a golf course from 2012 and when i checked your link i found he doesnt own it now ,whats so hard to understand except to try and dodge the fact your grasping of things is childlike. Yes he did now he doesnt! Even the bit when i said he sacked someone would even be seen as knowing he owned it to a 5 year old
  6. There was two boxes to tick ,neither said what brexit you wanted
  7. So you found it but not man enough to admit you were wrong ,you seem to read things then put your own slant on them to bias it your way ,i would love to see where i said he doesnt own a golf course you ofcourse slanted that to me saying he never owned a golf course merely because i said he doesnt own it NOW so you changed my post to what you hope i said unfortunately the post below shoots your idea right out the window.You are very good at changing tack when you get proved wrong ! Whats next a hissy fit and yes but yes but! Or just a random hate post about trump to pretend you werent caught t
  8. Not me ,infact i brought up trumps bad behaviour when he first built it ,have a search ,the only thing you said without some other persions opinion is wrong ,go on look! Then come back and admit you were wrong
  9. I have a very decent pc but its not worth the effort to walk 6ft to turn it on then wait 45seconds for it to boot for some small bit of info no-one but you cares about
  10. A master of his trade ask these two
  11. Ken can you download the last full accounts my tablet tries but the download fail every time
  12. Yes so what ,i explained losing money is common in commerce .But he doesnt actually own that course any more would you prefer him to lose more money? Strange person to point a finger, ps hows the charter boat scene going at the moment your no different from trump circumstances change !
  13. Read my post again ,yet again you have taken a wrong step most probably led there by opinion ,your trump does not own the course they link to From what i can tell the person that ran the club (probably in the period you mention) was sacked which would be the case if he ran the place at a loss ,like the government and trump he / they only have the money they dont actually run it by themselves IE cutting the grass ,doing the books or cleaning the bogs Tesco lost millions opening foreign shops which failed its pretty common in commerce ,we pay bigger prices to make up for their folly b
  14. They are wittering on about this new (untested in the realms of releasing inoculations) about its 90%+ effective rate grab it with both hands a few years ago the flu jabs effective rate was 3% then later 10% and we spent millions buying it There some nonsense floating about in the minds of the conspiracy theorists the jab will contain a mind control nanobot! Strange the flu jab already has one people think because they have a jab that had a 3% effective effect they could mix with people who had the flu and not get it! Time sick people here had to wear masks in public as they do in j
  15. I cannot download anything to see?!? Not making a profit (real or not) is a well known way of paying little or no tax Dont want to upset you though the trump you hate appears not to own it sorry https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC292100/officers
  16. Should have closed the border in 1903
  17. Good job they had 4 years to sort themselves out ,obviously they couldnt be bothered! Dover said it was as ready as it could be in 2019 ,unfortunately theres french on one side and cant be arsed hauliers on the other to spoil it
  18. Why? Again i ask name one food we cannot survive without that is only produced in the EU in fact name anything that can only be produced in the EU that we cannot live without? Leaving with no deal gives us far more leverage than a bad deal and deals can be made after the transition period not just within it.The transition period is a way of forcing britain into giving in to the EU ,its called pressure selling ,if britain holds out it will then put the pressure on the EU because as everyone says they lose more than us in trade Its called poker remember both sides can win if they want
  19. Prove it yourself ,not someones opinion or hearsay show me his books !
  20. Rome didnt fall it went into irreversable decline over decades , a bit of climate change as well ,nothing new there then!
  21. More opinion or rather hearsay and opinion
  22. Yes it will hit france ,italy, spain and germany bad and dont forget russia america and half the known world and their 'experts'
  23. All fair to me ,i cannot stand governments, i despise those that whisper in their ears with no way of punishing them at least you can sack mp's every few years the likes of cummins just flit from one person to another like a leech ,thhey thrive on failure and always get rewarded however bad they are! The only person to get brexit won was the voter ticking boxes,cummins did nothing
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