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  1. Looks nasty Newt. At least they move fairly quick over you most of the time and the decrease in temperature should be welcome too.
  2. Hi Severn, I have only been fly fishing for about 5 years, but I find it is something of a combination in presentation, swim type and personal preference. Personally I like to fish across and upstream. I find it easier to mend. Fly type also dictates alot of the time. I think my ultimate goal is to be ambidextrous in my chucking. I've been working on it for a long time. Very frustrating! I haven't been out with the fly rod since I got my yak. I may be after grayling this weekend if I can sneak out for an hour or two. Good Luck!
  3. Yes- and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes they respond better in coloured (sp) water.
  4. Its always worth taking a fly rod along. Try a klinkhammer style fly. You won't regret it!
  5. Didn't the meteorologist get sacked for that forecast?
  6. Just received this.. The clincher was I don't have an account with them. Email page looks legit though.. Dear Customer, We are currently updating our online banking services, and due to this upgrade we sincerely call your attention to follow below link and reconfirm your online account details. Failure to confirm the online banking details will suspend you from accessing your account online. Due to this, you are requested to follow the provided steps and confirm your Online Banking details for the safety of your Accounts. Click Here We use the latest securit
  7. Apparently you can use the rod pod on an Ocean Kayak Trident if you are really desperate!
  8. Subdued in that it didn't seem like your usual 'reply with gusto'
  9. A bit subdued this morning Rabbit? I was thinking more like American ten-pin bowling myself, but I have fished a few stocked commercials for trout. Not that I care for it. First time for everything though.
  10. ...and forever will I hear my Grandfather say "Wait til the float goes under!"
  11. My thinkpad is like that- with the twins around I can count on two hands how many times it has been dropped and stood on! Doesn't go well in water though I have had a coke dropped in it. Youtube Video ->
  12. Animated Knots... But as Eltons link shows, sometimes it's easier to buy what you need instead of being fiddly.
  13. Someones been busy! Looks good too.
  14. It was raining this morning when I got up. I just assumed it was raining everywhere else. Then it struck me after reading your thread- I took a friend to the airport this morning at 0500 and was listening to them (matchbox 20).. so it seemed appropriate if only to me. There really is a method to my madness. Better luck next time.. The river is crap here too.
  15. 'Jun 29 2008, 03:19 AM' Don't forget your raincoat! Youtube Video -> Crazy.
  16. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't... I hate elections!
  17. Man! You can find anything on ebay!! Vintage Fly Swatter
  18. Hi Ayjay, Laptops aren't as expensive as they once were and they have more to offer in reliability, portability, and connectivity. I would avoid second hand if you can afford it- you'll have some sort of warranty to work from should something go wrong. I have an IBM thinkpad that I bought second hand. It had the blue screen of death. I got it cheap then found that it had two different types of ram running (or trying to) so I ugraded them for identical ram and well no problems since. I believe new laptops come with vista and XP is hard to come by, plus I think I read somewhere th
  19. Welcome back Mr. W.! Hot tub? Three Nurses? Where do I sign up?!?
  20. I'll be trying again here when the water recedes a bit. Maybe with some color in the water I may have better results. I ran on Sunday with the gales and rain. There were standing waves on the river where I usually enter from the canal. Unfortuately I didn't have my camera with me. I'm still getting an order together for basspro or cabelas for next time! Steve Burke had some interesting information in a recent thread (2005) on light and color variations with different species. Maybe the lure color has something to do with your lack of perch?? Do fish see colour?
  21. I had the very same thing happen to me a few years ago. It was specified to either return them to the river or throw them in the bushes. It was my first double figure pike too. I released it back into the pond and don't fish there any longer. I suspect this may be why this particular pond now has specimen tench in it.
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