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  1. Yep. made I larf as well Den
  2. Didn't realise that was ally you had used looked like that white plastic stuff. Den
  3. Doesn't look to obvious, but the rod can pass right through the chuck, handy for 7 foot rod sections. You have to make sure you put the rings on in the right order though . Not wishing to sound critical, but the first one I made was to in response to a request to "do something with this if you can?" The guy had bought one made from similar stuff to what you have used. Very poorly made, kept coming apart, and generally a waste of money! Cost him well over a hundred quid as well! I did use Acetal bar for most of the later versions, like you, I tend to "use what I
  4. Tinca, if you are thinking of a chuck, you might find this useful. I have made about 15 wrappers for different people (mostly sea anglers) and they all find the chuck very useful and extremely stable handling heavy rods. Main bearing from "Bearing Boys"..about £14, epoxy into 3/4 high density MDF. Bore of chuck is 1 5/8" ID Very handy to slacken off by using any one of the 3 nylon screws. The intermediate rollers (3 available) use Lego wheels I started off using a similar idea as yours for the chassis but very soon ended up using 6" contiboard as the main
  5. You are right of course Kiri. my pic is an Elephant moth remembered that just after posting pic Den
  6. And here is what the result of that "affair" will bring.......... Den
  7. Brought a big smile to my face...................but then I am a bit of a softy Thanks Manxman, for the link, Den
  8. Careful Andrew, you will end up like me,you may even get a pole to catch them :) Den
  9. There is a swim on the Medway in Penshurst where the "barbel" is always bubbling I spent quite a while trying to induce a take from it :) Finally gave up and got up close enough to see the stream of bubbles oozing from under the edge of a rock shelf Den
  10. One (only one ) of the reasons I voted for the EU was because I considered we would all be a bit safer if we were "all on the same side" I still consider that a valid reason. I was "bombed out" 3 times during the last war, pretty certain it was the reason my Mum got cancer, and no way did I ever want to live through another war...............there is something a bit special in "not actually hearing the explosion that ripped the top of the house off" A quick question..."do you think that England (not the UK ) would survive as a prosperous country outside the EU ? "
  11. I had a ticket when it was a trout fishery, superb fishing but I left and "moved on". When I rejoined it was being stocked with fewer but larger fish, 3 pounders and upwards. Not long after it all went tits up and the trout fishing stopped. Several years later I got a ticket to catch the reputed big roach, "loads of 2 pounders" load of b####ks more like, caught hundreds and never saw anything like a two pounder...............but..............it may have changed after I left. there were some huge pike in there. I had one which towed my boat half way across the ressy. I was bein
  12. Oh dear oh dear! Just to help you out a bit Dave, I voted to join and so did the majority if I remember it correctly. I could say I know a few who are in favour of staying in, and as for the "patronising attitude" then perhaps you should reread your very patronising...indeed it could be termed insulting post. I am not a fool, who is easily lead, no more than all the millions who voted to join in the first place. Living in a predomitably farming area I also meet a lot of farmers who are very happy to employ immigrants at very low wages, how they must agonise about leaving t
  13. That really is a thing of great beauty treasure it. Den
  14. Just a further thought, how many "natural" lakes actually exist in the south of England? Almost every one I can think of has been man made, by extraction, damming water courses (Estate lakes) or mill ponds, or simply dug out for iron ore, building stone or whatever man needed. Even the rivers are managed with weirs to raise/control water levels. I don't think I know of one "Natural" bit of water. And I repeat, most "conservationists" are sitting on their ass in front of a PC or TV and trying to tell the rest of us that we are all wrong and that we must go back to the last cent
  15. I don't know how old you are John, but yes, there was a very great need for carp ( or similar large growing fish) when I was a kid in the 1950's. Apart from the match anglers everyone wanted to catch bigger fish...hence the standard image of an angler holding his arms apart..."it was this big" Left to their own devices most anglers will seek out those waters with bigger fish in them..........remember the reports of the D/F barbel and big chub and roach in the Hants Avon. It was the mecca for thousands of anglers, all after bigger fish. The mags and weeklies are f
  16. Steve, just a quick question, have you heard the Cuckoos this year? Don't get many on the beach, so I haven't heard one for a couple of years. Once again, I will be passing close by on my way to Sandwich bay, so will give you all a "toot" as I pass Den
  17. Not to far behind you Dave, 76 and still chucking 6oz over 100yds . Must admit I do wonder when the inevitable will happen and something nasty strikes, but just got a new pair of Zippys so hope it will be a long time coming Got to agree 100% re the wives taking care of us, and by the way............."happy birthday" Den
  18. I hit a car (Morris traveller) at 90mph+. the actual speed I am not sure of, except that I glanced down at the speedmeter and when I looked up I spotted the bonnet of the car coming out of his driveway. Next thing I remember was lying on the road with 2 old ladies tending to me. The car I hit came out of his driveway on to a main road, and my Norton was inside just behing the driver and passenger seats. Luckily I had done what I was taught (by Army dispatch rider) to let go if you about to hit something, otherwise I would have followed the bike inside the car! And that's where my Sciatic
  19. For what it is worth, "my mate Ted" uses 18" hook lengths and puts a bit of soluble PVA foam to the hook. This settles slowly after the weight lands and so the bait settles slowly on the weed/silt. Just one of those little "extras" that few bother with. He catches a LOT of good fish
  20. Just heard from Newt....all is well........probs with internet :) Den
  21. Actually (yep, one of your actuallys ) I don't think nigger is racialist, it is just an insulting word if you are black. I am def racialist and it ranges from down right hatred of some to a mild dislike of others, but that has nothing to do with using insulting language. Den PS. one son married to a Chinese, another married to a Singaporean...................neither of which race I have a problem with
  22. Mostly agree with you Dave, but I will tell you a tale................. My youngest shacked up with a coloured girl, bright intelligent English born. They came to visit one weekend and we were all messing about in the garden and I was having a rough and tumble with one of my dogs. Playfully I rolled him on his back and called him a "fat little nignog" a term of affection I had used before. I also call him a pogle, fatgit, and various other friendly insults She apparently overheard me, and next thing they both said they were leaving,. I was surprised, and said OK I wi
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