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What would be you faviroute fih to catch ?

Vote for your faviroute fish to catch.  

56 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your faviroute fish ?

    • Carp
    • Roach
    • Pike
    • Zander
    • Barbel
    • Perch
    • Chub
    • Tench
    • Bream
    • Rudd
    • Trout ( Including Rainbow and Brown )
    • Dace
    • Catfish
    • Eal

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Got to be chub as it was the first 'big' fish that I caught and I will always remember it - twas on the river Eden and was approx 4lb. I was about 13/14 years old and it was at about 4.00am after my first all night fishing session. If my memory serves me correctly it was on a stretch near Penshurst and my bait was a lump of cheese direct to hook (no hair rigs in those days).


Can't wait for the 16th - booked a days holiday from work so that I can be there!





I just love the River Medway!

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Last year I bought a Wychwood barbel specimen rod and this was my first fish:





Now theres a face I know from the banks of the Avon


Welcome and Nice fish.

Jasper Carrot On birmingham city

" You lose some you draw some"

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opinions seem to be very similar in the voting! Perch has to be my favourite, was the first specimen fish i caught at 3lb 8oz, gorgeous fish!

Tench come a very close second though, love the slimy green buggers! B)

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I notice that the Carp is way down the list of favourite fish so far (6th).


I wish people would take notice of this when they ruin a mixed fishery by overstocking with them.

Although I like Carp they are not one of my favourite fishes; which are Barbel and Tench.

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