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wear clothing :confused:

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thanks i always go with the other half,but thought i should show willing ,and not just be a fine weather fisher woman have got a thermal top but how do you all keep warm. nurse judy,i need a winter uniform



AKA Nurse Jugsy ( especially for newt)

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You need your passion killers A pair of thermal long johns. I have a pair that are designed for runners. They are thin but extremely warm & a thermal vest. I tend to wear several thin layers & never get cold. You end up looking like a 'Michelin man' but it's you that wants to be warm not be a fassion statement.


A good pair of thermal boots is a must, I have a pair of 'Boom 80s' for the not so cold days & Skeetex for when it is really cold.


I wear a pair of 'Damart' fingersless gloves, again they are thin but I never have cold hands. They are about £6 a pair.



One life, live it, love it, fish it!




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Afraid that you may have to spend a bit to really keep warm Judy, Sundridge gear is warm and waterproof and will last a few years.


When it is really cold I wear a thermal "babygro" under the main suit.

I cant stand the cold, had enough of it when I was young, newspapers stuffed down trousers, 3 pair of socks under the wellies, barbour jackets that let water in... and the winters were MUCH colder,,,,and pushing the bike up t'hill to deliver t'hovis...........BrrrrH



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There is some excellent clothing on the market, and not all at ridiculous prices. It's worth looking at some of the big stores as well as they often sell stuff aimed at skiers which can be good value. Get a good hat - a lot of bodyheat is lost if you have a bare head.

One tip worth remembering in winter - use an umbrella as a windbreak as soon as there's anything more than a gentle breeze. Windchill is what does the damage rather than the actual temperature.

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Millets sell some good thermals, but buy some about twenty sizes too big, as the ones I bought in my size are more like a Spiderman outfit.

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You are right about the hat I forgot that! I have a Thinsulate lined wooly hat. As for thermal clothes on the market, the main problem with them is that they all seem to be 'all in ones' or bib & brace. This is not a problem for you guys and not so bad if you are fishing a lake with loos on site but......


We females have to undress just to have a wee! & on a wet & windy river bank with very little cover in the winter they are a nightmare


Judy, the other thing I always wear is a pair of waterproof trousers they keep out the wind as well as the rain.

One life, live it, love it, fish it!




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