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Wingham Fish-In 12th/13th June - bookings now being taken

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If we have a porter service I'll put some more stuff in the car.  Really looking forward to it cya tommrow all (Im the one with the buzz cut)



Pile it in.... as long as it includes something with wheels and is motorized :D



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Once the rain and wind cleared yesterday (it nearly always rains when I go to Wingham!!), the insects came out. Through the binoculars they looked almost like a living mist on the top of the water.


Will, fishing the swim next to me had two personal bests.


I blanked! :(


Still it was great to once again spend a day in such beautiful surroundings. :)


Thanks Steve :)


Posted Image


Tight Lines - leon

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I'd like to add my thanks to Steve, it was a great weekend, Wingham is a stunningly beautiful fishery and the company was fantastic.


My two PBs were a 2lb10oz Perch and a 7lb14oz Pike, both on the pole - the Pike is my first of any size and the Perch beat one of my oldest PBs, a 2lb6oz fish from the Thames 21 years ago.


It's a pity that so few people came and that the weather was not exactly conducive to fish feeding, hopefully we'll have better luck next year.



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My thanks to Steve too and the tackle porters.

I can't belive how few people came to Wingham such a beautiful place (though the frogs were a little loud over night)

The weather was very warm with a couple of very heavy showers thrown in

I had just the 2 fish an eel of about 2lb at 3am in the morning then a perch of similar size at 9am the next day both on lob worm.

I should of added to this as I missed about 5-6 bites

Looking forward to next year



I'm back is fishing like riding a bike? you never forget how?

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Typically the fishing was brilliant the two weekends before the Fish-In, and the weather forecast looks very promising next weekend! I blame Leon "Jonah" Roskilly!


The water temperature was high all weekend, and 74F yesterday! Not surprisingly, everyone struggled to catch, but even so several personal bests were recorded. I'll leave it to guests to add their own stories.


Having discussed the idea with a few of you over the weekend, I'm going to make next year's Fish-In a slightly longer affair. I found in the past that it's not a good idea people arriving on the Friday evening as it means a very late night for me and successive early starts.


However, I won't be closing the complex until about 3pm on the Monday next year. That'll both give extra dawn and dusk sessions, plus give us more chance of at least 1 day's good weather. As the Fish-In is just before the end of the old closed season I know several of you are taking a holiday for opening week and so the extra day should suit nicely. That'll make the dates Saturday June 11th to Monday June 13th.


They'll also be a BBQ next year on Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes - usually the quietest time of the day for catching. We haven't had one the last couple of years and several of you have missed it. Certainly the social side was great yesterday evening.


Finally, I'd like to publically thank Dave L., who didn't fish but kindly gave up several hours of his time on Saturday to cart gear round the lake. Cheers, Dave!


[ 14. June 2004, 01:08 PM: Message edited by: Steve Burke ]

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Id like to add my thanks to Steve for a cracking days fishing on Saturday, especially as at first it seemed unlikely I'd be able to fly fish but due to a few swims still being free he very kindly let me go ahead.


Although it did rain off and on, it was far from unpleasant and I survived in just jeans and a fleece without getting drenched.


I was lucky enough to catch too - although not the 4lB perch Steve was hoping for me, I'd be suprised if it made 4oz in fact, but it was fun all the same.


Hopefully I'll be able to make next year as it was good to meet a few faces.





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Thanks to Steve from me, too! This was a fantastic weekend, a chance to try a new venue and new tactics, and to appreciate the idyllic setting. It was great to meet up with a few other AnglersNet regulars, and the way Steve looked after us all... well, if he could have donned sub-aqua gear and swum around putting fish onto our hooks, I'm sure he would have done! I managed a couple of hours on my local carp puddle, afterwards, and my first cast with a big Wingham lobworm produced this result!


Posted Image


I had two more, slightly smaller, later on, but If you were to ask where I'd rather fish... give me Wingham any day! Thanks again, Steve.

You meet all kinds of animal on the riverbank.

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Thank You DaveL for the help with getting all our gear to the lake and thanks to Steve for giving us a chance to fish such a lovely lake.

Jo and I enjoyed our weekend "away from it all" and we are both looking forward to next years fish-in.

Maybe next year I can catch a LIVE 14lb+ bream! Heres hoping.


Great to meet a few of you.


Tight Lines



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