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Sky Bloodsport Ban Poll

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i know some feel this does not affect the fishing sceen at the momment....but it will..


i have been fishing for many years now...and now i also enjoy falconry !!


could you please take the time to look here and vote "no"...... im not into the foxhunt sceen myself but i feel that this will affect us all




the vote box is on the right hand side and "no" is the vote...you will also need to click on the vote icon aswell


many thanks and thanks for your support



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err sorry, but nope!


Me neither. Polls like this are completely meaningless. The "result", like statistics, can be twisted and inerpreted any way you like :angry::angry::angry:

As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler. Izaac Walton

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could you please take the time to look here and vote "no"......


I might have a look there and vote exactly how I want to vote. Would that be OK too?

Bleeding heart liberal pinko, with bacon on top.



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remeber folks....... they have evidence that fish feeling pain and getting stressed......


this is not a fox hunting issue its a blood sport !!! issue !!! this includes fishing i assure you !!!







as you can see the countryside alliance is supporting you aswell



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I canassure you, you don't assure me Peter. That is just you oft stated opinion, not an assurance

Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.



Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity





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'Oh dear I know where this discussion is going....'


Groundhog day eh Matthew?? :D


Iiiiiinnnnnn the reeeeeed corner......... weighing in at......... with more to say than a WI sewing circle....... lets hear it for the 'Trennnnnnnttttt Buuuuurbelllerr'!!!!!!!!!!!!


Iiiiiiiiinnnnnn the blllluuuuue corner........... the David Brent of broadland piking.......the one and only 'Peeeeeedroooo Wallleeerrr'!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D


View Halloo!!!




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Slodger (Chris Hammond.)


'We should be fishin'

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Mass..... its a pity your first posting was so political, I doubt if many members here appreciate to be told how to vote on anything, especially on such a subject. We are angling I my opinion we need no alliance with any other group merely to portray their own sport as a more acceptable activity.


Personally for what it is worth I do not support the hunting of fox or deer with dogs, but also I am very concerned about the banning of anything, I would have thought that this country has evolved sufficiently, without the constant intrusion of this govenment into our lives, now I've been political :)

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