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Layers mash chicken feed as carp fishing ground bait?

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Hi can someone give some information of layers mash chicken feed as a ground bait for car?


Is it suitable as a ground bait? How should it be prepared? Is it even effective? (etc,)


Just looking for as much info as possible about using it?



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On the rare occasions I have used it, found it attracts lots of small bream - my least favourite freshwater fish - so no longer bother.



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I have used it along with layers pellets for small carp in a lake. Never tried it on big fish waters.

It works OK but having said that so does almost everything else on small carp.

For big carp I prefer Vitalin dog food as ground bait and particularly as a method mix

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Hi Nick,


Of course there are a lot of products that carry the generic name "layer pellets". I find them quite productive for carp. Fish the edges of your baited area and add a few hands full of lupines. Your goal is to introduce protein. Some layer pellets approach 20% protein and native British lupines can be 40% or better. No lupines - soya beans are an acceptable substitute - just not the protein content.



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i tried Layers mash a couple of times and was underwhelmed with the fishes response: Vitalin, as already suggested or Red Band Pigeon Conditioner would be my choice for a cheap and effective groundbait, or more usually, if I'm going to bottom fish (not often) then I'll just use Maize for both hook and groundbait.

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I have tried it a few times and never had much luck with it, I ended up using what I had left to bulk out other groundbaits when I wanted to put a lot in. However, I used to know a few anglers who mixed it with halibut pellet and vitalin and thought it was great stuff. This may because the halibut and vitalin was good but maybe because the layers is good.


With bait I always feel there are two ways to go, be different to everyone else or use what is used alot.


Often with most bait the more it gets used the better the results, if enough of anything is put out in to a water it will start to become an accepted food source. If layers is used in the water you plan to fish, i bet it works a treat. If no one uses it you may struggle with it unless you are willing to put it in yourself in big quantities, maybe a baiting campaign? Saying that doing something different to the crowd can often pay dividends.


To be honest there is only one way to find out and thats to get some and try it out. Just because someone else has failed or had some success with it does not mean you will have the same results on the venues you plan to fish. What sort of venue you fish might also have a big effect on your results. If fishing a stuffed commercial then the fish need your bait and so will home in on anything. On a lower stocked venue and one with lots of natural food then it might take more thought on what to use and maybe finding out if anyone else is feeding layers would be useful. That's why I like to keep a lid on my bait bucket and never trust any packaging you may see on top of my rubbish bag :)


If looking for a cheap option then as others have suggested vitalin is not a bad option but for me cheap old crumb with some desert mix or watered down liquid attractant with various small particles if you want food items is the way to go.



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I've used the pellets to good effect for bream and tench, as part of a groundbait/pellet mix. They have relatively low protein (compared to fishmeal pellets) and break down quickly, so I used to mix them with other pellets with a higher protein level and slower breakdown, to get a baited area that stayed 'active' for a long time. I haven't used them just on their own.

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We used to use this or Pig weaning meal as a groundbait for Bream at Lochmaben, back in the day (mainly becasue they were cheap); I am sure there are better alternatives around these days.

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First let me say it is refreshing to review "plowed ground" again.




If you would like to choose from other sources, as suggested with Vitalin, I'll give you a tip. The "best" (if there is such a word) is Aldi Blue. Of the hundreds of dog foods I have used Aldi Blue is the ONLY sinking dog food I have come across. For me there has been a huge benefit is using the larger bait (chum). I believe you would say "ground bait". Not because it is ground up but because if baits the bottom or ground of the pond.


Since I live on the other side of the penny from you plain old corn is what we use for 75% of our sessions.


I am very quickly becoming out of date with the "latest and greatest" but I have confidence in the tried and true of years gone by suits me just fine. You do know I'm sure CONFIDENCE is a major player in any choice you make.


I have a list of over 66,000 substances you can use to catch carp.



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