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If your having difficulty seeing your floating bait being taken at range, you could just use a self cocker, like a drennan puddle chucker float etc. I know the line comes off the bottom and might cause your line to sink and pull the bait toward the float etc, if it does just recast more often. You could even use a ruber on the top of the float, so the line comes off the top and see how it casts.

There used to be designated floats made specially for this purpose, maybe someone can point one out for you?....i've looked for them on ebay but can't see any.


I think you mean floats like the one below (surface controllers) which we’ve  been using for many decades for surface floating baits



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Can also use a Bubble Float - Loaded with a few shot if you can't get down to the water to fill it. (The shot also provides a bit of a rattle - simulating feed going in)

I've had a few Carp using These!! (Chicken & Duck Breast Cat Treats) They Float Nicely, They're Freeze dried & firm, yet soft enough to hook - not messy to use.


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I like bubble floats  ,great for getting crust into lilly pads or filled up a bit more weight casting a whitebait in to the edge of reeds.Half filled the become a weight and a float ! Underused bits of kit !

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