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Catch reports

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Posted 23 March 2018 - 07:46 AM

Lets hear (and see) what you've been catching, no matter how big or small. 

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Posted 23 April 2018 - 10:47 AM

Had my first eel trip of the year on Saturday.

They're still not extincted. Five between approx 2.5 and 3.5lb plus lots of dropped runs.

#3 Ken L

Ken L


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Posted 18 May 2018 - 10:26 PM

Only two sessions so far. The first was with a fly rod on the reservoir on a tough day, a few pulls but no trout and just a little perch to my name. The other was a couple of hours (literally) on the local park pool. Two bites for two bream and they've grown a bit since I last fished it. I will definitely give it another go but I will have some stodge to attract and hold the fish.

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Posted 19 May 2018 - 04:17 PM

Just had a session on a gravel pit   Fished for perch, one evening, the next day, and the following morning


Evening - three bites, all within half an hour, yielded three perch, all over a pound, with the best 2-4  What was interesting was I fished in the teeth of a northerly gale - so fierce  my eyes watered enough to blur vision and make tying hooks on difficult   Now, received wisdom says perch do not like windy conditions and I nearly did not go.   Food for thought. 


Next day, wind dropped to a gentle northerly breeze, with bright sun  Fished 8am to 9pm    Just one bite, at 8pm    Perch 2-14   What a difference one decent fish makes to an otherwise blank day !


Following morning, same conditions as previous day   Fished  8am to about 1 pm.  Perchless, but two bites produced eels of 2-12 and 3-0

Had a measure of how much energy is needed to cope with eels once landed,   Once the eel is on the bank, one's troubles are just beginning.  All my life I have just dealt with the beggars without much thought, but at age 84 with anginal problems, I can now  measure the energy expended by the number of squirts of nitroglycerin I need to restore circulation to normal,    ....and these were lip-hooked - I'm glad there was no deep hooking to deal with.


I fished two rods throughout - one with running paternoster baited with lobworms - no bites.  All fish caught on other rod, baited with a bunch of maggots on a simple ledger rig (short trail)   Bite indication by watching rod-tip


Just got a new camera (previous has given up the ghost) so now to find out how to transfer the pics to PC - its all go, this fishing lark.

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Posted 02 June 2018 - 10:03 PM

Caught my PB Carp 12th May from Moor Monkton lakes near York.


12 Lb dead up (weighed - as it was in a match) down the edge on Beastmaster margin pole with a banded ROBIN RED 8 mm hard pellet.


The only fish I managed to land all day - lost 3 or 4 as well.


Yes I've posted this on another thread of mine, but thought I'd put it on here also - just for the record you know.  :)

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Posted 18 June 2018 - 07:03 AM

Had a week in Eire.


Weather was roasting hot, which killed the fishing.

Fished Garadice, Brackley, Killykeen, Belturbet, Town Lake.

Landed some nice hybreds, skimmers and roach.


I went with my mates Colin from NI and scouse Neil. Stayed at Anglers Rest Balleyconnel.




Colin enjoying catching the roach on Brackley




Neil on Brackley




Colin on Town Lake




My peg on Garadice






Colin on Garadice




Steady ladies, Neil on Killykeen.




One of the hybreds from Brackley




Town Lake Killashandra turned out to be the most productive venue. 


Some of the local cows.



Neil's Tench




The jetty on Belturbet stretch




Me and Colin




A baby roach for Colin




View over Brackley




Fancy a pint




Or a Paddys and red




I had about 35 hybreds and a half dozen roach. Neil did get a good tench from Belturbet.


I had a great time with my chums, plenty of laughs. Beer aplenty, good food.


The weather , as I have said, was hot, 28degree,s one day, very bright sunshine. But hey ho there you go.

We are making plans to return in September

Unfortunately the trip was marred by the sudden death of Neil's mother, we arrived on the Monday and Neil received a call on the Wednesday saying that she had taken ill. Two hours later another phone call to say she had passed away.


After many conversations wether we should cut the trip short, Neil's family said he should stay With it being a sudden death the police and coroner was involved.


Such a shame, Nora was a delight.

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Posted 18 June 2018 - 06:18 PM



Wonderful pictures of equally beautiful venues. How much time did you guys spend with the pole?  And lastly, I wonder if Neil knew his tench was snagged in his jacket?


GREAT FISHING REPORT - Thanks for sharing.



#8 Steve Walker

Steve Walker


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Posted 19 June 2018 - 09:18 AM

And lastly, I wonder if Neil knew his tench was snagged in his jacket?


Either that or he was VERY excited to catch it!

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Posted 19 June 2018 - 08:26 PM

Spent all day on my local lake. Foul hooked 2 carp and landed 5 2-3oz roach!! All on the float. Guy 3 pegs up landed 25 carp on the feeder.
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Posted 01 July 2018 - 10:16 PM

Just came in from an evening session with my son on my local estate lake where we were the only ones there.
There had been a small club match in the morning which I didnt fancy doing because of the incessant heat and I didnt like the idea of fishing with the sun shining down on me throughout the morning; so we both decided to chase a few Carp into the evening when it was a bit cooler.

My son Stuart had several Carp up to 15lb plus two Bream of around 4 and 5lb which took a fancy to his Source boilees.

I also had several Carp the biggest being 17lb 12oz plus a small Wells Catfish of around 7lb which I had to place in a net set aside for anyone catching Catfish which is periodically removed from the lake.

So no 20lb Carp tonight but a very pleasant evening with a beautiful remote estate lake all to ourselves. It was pure magic.
I think this is the photo of my biggest carp of the evening:
and this is the small Wells Catfish that I had


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