Sakuma have brought out several new ranges of their super sharp, super strong hooks for sea anglers. They have a hook to suit almost everyone.

They have a new Mini Manta which as its name implies is a smaller version of the popular Manta. This hook will cover everything from mullet to bream and triggerfish, I think they go from a size 2 down to size 10. This is an exceptionally strong hook for its size.

Then there is the Stinger, a very sharp, strong Aberdeen type hook, designed to spring out of snags. It has a neat barb and a slightly longer point and a deeper “U” than usual, this helps the hook spring out of snags instead of breaking. There is also a lighter match version.

There is a useful addition to the Manta range with the arrival of the Manta Pennel hook, a Manta with a turned down eye for making up pennel rigs, very useful for the larger baits needed for the larger fish such as cod. There is also a Manta with an offset point.

There is now a range of circle hooks which aid conservation as they hook the fish in the scissors of the jaw, avoiding deep hooked fish. Well worth a look if you’re conservation, catch and release oriented.

Last but not least is a new “Super O’Shaunessy hook” which goes up to 14/0, this is the ultimate shark, big conger and common skate hook. A very sharp and strong hook but at a sensible price for a hook of this type and size, in the smaller sizes it’s great for blondes, tope, conger etc.

I will be testing and reviewing the new hooks in the near future when time and the weather permits.

Norman Berry, Editor, Sea Angling News