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A Tale of Three Venues

Posted by Rusty , 15 January 2010 · 95 views

Rivers Kennet & Lambourn, Newbury, Friday 15th JanuaryA different NAA Kennet stretch today, one that Iíve only visited on a guest ticket at a time when the weather was just as bad. The river was running quite fast and being coloured (brown) by excavation works being carried out upstream on another river. This is one venue where wading would be extreme...


Wish I'd stuck to my original plan

Posted by Rusty , 02 January 2010 · 98 views

River Kennet, Newbury, Saturday 2 January 2010Today has been one of the most demoralising sessions I can remember. Not just because I blanked but because everything that could go wrong did.Firstly my plan was to switch stretches of the Kennet. I havenít fished any TAA waters since joining NAA and so I was going to rectify that on a nice bit of shallow riv...


Cheerio 2009

Posted by Rusty , 01 January 2010 · 113 views

River Lambourn, Newbury, Thursday 31 December 2009What with being off work this past week Iíd actually forgotten that yesterday was New Yearís Eve so it was with some guilt that I set off for a few hours trotting. My heart wasnít really in it so I didnít bother to buy any maggots, just grabbed a can of sweetcorn and off I went.Had the venue to myself and...


Fortune Favours the Stubborn

Posted by Rusty , 28 December 2009 · 162 views

River Lambourn, Newbury, Monday 28 December 2009A bonus trip out on account of brownie points gained (so far) over the Christmas period. Arrived about 10:00am so as to avoid rod rings icing, they still did though until about 10:30am when the sun got its act together.Sweetcorn was the bait again but this time it was an altogether more successful session. T...


A Change of Scenery

Posted by Rusty , 20 December 2009 · 121 views

River Lambourn, Newbury, Sunday 20 December 2009Over confidence has a habit of slapping you in the face and today it did just that.  I could only spare a few hours out on what was probably going to be my last trip this year, I wanted to catch something and the Lambourn Grayling have been kind to me in the past.Generally Iíll trot red maggot but today I ch...


More Frustration

Posted by Rusty , 17 December 2009 · 122 views

River Kennet, Newbury, Thursday 17th December 2009Today I was able to make an early start and so armed with lobs and maggots I arrived well before dawn (and questioned the wisdom of not having a head torch). The plan was to fish for Perch where Iíd previously caught and when light levels increased Iíd head off and search for Chub. Of course if the Perch c...


The Quest Continues

Posted by Rusty , 30 November 2009 · 138 views

River Kennet, Newbury, Monday 30th November 2009This venue continues to deny me a chub and today it almost denied me any fish (again).I couldnít make an early start today and arrived at the venue at about 10:00am. Too late for perch really (and I was after chub) but it was overcast and so I thought it was worth a try before the chub search. A big lob was...


At Least I Stayed Dry

Posted by Rusty , 29 November 2009 · 112 views

River Test, Timsbury, Sunday 29th November 2009The annual Anglersnet visit to Timsbury stayed true to form, it rained frequently and heavily at times. My plan of stuffing everything into pockets and carrying only a rod & net worked a treat, my kit and bait remained dry throughout the day. It's surprising how little you really need to take with you...


Third Time Lucky

Posted by Rusty , 23 November 2009 · 117 views

River Kennet, Newbury, Sunday 22nd November 2009.Having tried twice in the past two weeks without success on this particular stretch I've finally managed to catch something.A dawn raid saw me poised at a likely looking Perch swim waiting for sufficient light to see the float. Lowering in the lob about a rod length out produced a beautiful Perch of 1lb...


First Entry

Posted by Rusty , 16 November 2009 · 113 views

Welcome, thought I'd give this blog thing a try for the 2009/10 winter season. I have high hopes having joined a couple of associations with access to some of the best river fishing in the area (the country?). We'll see how that pans out but first I need to sort out a very lightweight and portable means of cooking hot food, over the coming months...

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