Found out by accident that Nashy’s flavourings make exceedingly good cakes. My sons had used up all my cake flavourings, for their boilie experiments, before carefully replacing the empties so I wouldn’t find out. Faced with a basic madeira and no vanilla essence I visited their bait cupboard and found some little bottles with Kevin Nash’s name all over them. I knew it’d be safe enough for human consumption – Kevin lets the Carp eat it – so I pinched some.

Here’s how to make Nashcake. Ingredients: 8 oz self raising flour, pinch of salt, 4 oz unsalted butter, 4 oz castor sugar, 2 eggs and enough milk to make it gooey.

Method: Cream butter and sugar, beat the eggs and add, bit at a time, to the bowl. Fold in flour, salt. Add the milk and a half a teaspoon of Mega Tutti Frutti. Sling it all into a cake tin and bake for an hour and a bit.

If you fancy icing it try 8 oz icing sugar with a smidgen of warm water, a couple of drops of cochineal and one drop of Big Strawberry. Try it! It’s delicious. Trust me, I’m a fishing widow.

Oh, yes. And the flavourings are great for catching Carp, too – apparently.

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