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  1. Lancashire Hot Pot - disgusting! Anything containing Heart, Kidneys and Liver.......
  2. I've been watching this story unferl all day. Amazing! I expect there's somewhere a once smug scumbag who's now a very worried man and about to get all he deserves!
  3. Definitely the 60's Alcocks Match Aerial - I must have it refurbished though. I keep promising myself to send it off to have it professionally done.
  4. Not bad at all. Out of interest I've weighed mine roughly on kitchen scales: Allcocks Match Aerial - 280g Free Spirit Match Aerial - 325g (Didn't realise I'd got two of these - bit of a suprise!) Youngs Rapidex 2 (narrow) - 260g Arnold Kingpin - 325g Youngs B.J. Lightweight - 225g
  5. Laphroaig for me......Actually I'm a 'Friend of Laphroaig' and so have my own square foot of Islay that I can view on t'internet whenever I feel the need My fishing buddy's swear by Lagavulin but that's too much for my palate. Iodine and all that!
  6. I can't begin to know what you're going through Ken. Keep strong and I'm sure all will be well in the end.
  7. I work for a company sponsoring the programme and many of our staff have questioned whether the company should be associated with it, but, as our top man says, the very fact that we're talking about it proves that it's good advertising and the programme is doing what it should from a commercial point of view. Amazing how many people 'come across it' and watch it though. I haven't seen any of it at all I hasten to add mind, not that I'm one of the 'I'm too intelligent to watch stuff like that' brigade. I just thought the last one was crap from the little I did watch of it.
  8. In all honesty I've just about given up on digital scales. I'm on my 2nd set of Rapala's and one pair of Salter's. I'm dubious about the accuracy of all of them once a set of batteries have been in for more than one trip. I'm back to my trusty old Avon's.
  9. Superb pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
  10. Whatever recipe you go for adding Carroway Seeds to it is a must in my book....
  11. Went into an ASDA store in Bradford today to see the Chrimbo decorations going up and little artificial trees being unwrapped. Commercialism gone completely bonkers!
  12. I can empathise............Roll on retirement. Portugal or France?
  13. Brilliant.... Non-fishing chat as it should be....
  14. I saw the original short newsreport clip but that was fascinating to listen to more of the incident.
  15. But that's just an opinion. Their opinion.
  16. That may be the law in Britain.....they weren't. As much as I feel desperately sorry for them, leaving our kids unattended to have a meal just would not come into our consideration. We actually had our main holiday on the Algarve last year and to say the restaurants were child friendly would do them an injustice. We had absolutely no problems other than language ones off the beaten track.
  17. Heyup Phil, A good place to look and participate in all things from gods own county (and I don't even originate from here) .......is here
  18. I thought Carragher was immense last night myself. He got my MOM vote.
  19. Picture of our garden Beech hedging in its winter colours. As rabbit has mentioned, it is only now throwing off the copper leaves for the new green ones. The Sparrows live in it all year round.
  20. Whilst not wanting to fuel the racist slant of the thread, I've long wondered why this is still the case. Human beings suffer and are susceptible to different medical conditions dependant on their genetic heritage I'm told. That means we are not all scientifically the same doesn't it?
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