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  1. hi mark few ideas for ya, definetly use a smaller rod 6-7ft is much better for playing a fish from a boat or/kayak, you will find it easier to manouver the rod and guide the fish towards you,grab hold of teh top of the trace,and chin the pike straight out watching out for flying hooks and being carefull of the pikes red gills and very delicate gill rakers. the snap links you were using are i'm afraid to say mate-crap,as you found out,the ones your going to use,dont,they too will open up under pressure especially with the temps being high the pike are livley mate. these are prop
  2. i did have one till i snagged it....doh! make that two!
  3. lost on this one ken,my mate makes up my solid traces,i would rekon the alui ones mate.
  4. hi papa if your using a heavy feeder set up,ie 2-3oz,it may be that the roach cant move the feeder/lead once they have hooked themselves,hence you wont get a bite that registers,are you fishing at range or close in? i would scale down the feeder size,to say 1oz,more than enough for them to hook themselves but also enough to register a bite,also try using light in-line leads,korda ones are perfect,say 1oz and under,semi fixed it acts as a perfect bolt rig. for indication use light bobbins,they will show small movements better than a swinger or a springer.
  5. only ever caught one,a 20+ just by 5ounces, but man do they go!! it was liek being attached to a steam train! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz goes the clutch!! not that way....turn...turn...ok go, that way then!
  6. get well soon hamster! by all acounts he took his first steps since the crash, yesterday. hes a biker too.
  7. Buells sound good! ducatis are the best v-twins... nothing sounds like rossi's old NSR500...the new 4 strokes are nice,i have some video clips of this years assen SBK round on my phone.try and upload them later,haga's yammy sounds evil!!
  8. chuck them lures and ye shall find out tim! mullet= bread hookbaits!
  9. mobility!! is the key certainly on the rivers
  10. i not a bad angler if do say so myself! i can turn my hand to most styles of fishing,lure fishing is an aspect of teh sport i'm still learning,i often know there are predators in teh swim but at times cannot get a take,very fustrating,its easy to say their not having it but often theres something i'm not doing right that is the problem,they seem to love my hawg wobbler lure tho,no probs there!!
  11. forgot to say my rods are through action-catfish tested!! they are probably close to teh same materials as newts?-mine are no name carp rods! 30 squids each beaware with braid,rod rings can suffer and get grooved out,mine thank good are tough as old boots,no signs or grooveing,summit to watchout for with braid. also playing fish with braid is lot diferent to mono,have to go easy, allow for the lack of stretch,but when needed you can turn a fish alot quicker!
  12. yep,dont want it to move on a take,worked for my 3.09 PB
  13. hi ya i would help you out but i'm fully booked at the moment join the PAC,get a good idea of how to fish for pike and handle them safley (if you already dont, even still join up!)
  14. i like that site alot,had a good look at it a whiel ago,his zander and pike pages are fantastic,not to mention teh huge amount of other species,a very talented artist to boot
  15. yep,getting everywhere mate,even the tributarys
  16. stealth skin is good, strip back the coating,around 4-inches to tye the hair then you should have 2-3 inches that is soft and limp,combi rigs i belive there called.
  17. most if not all boilies work,its the application of the bait that counts,if it helps mainline are a good brand.
  18. jesus poach! if you cant get any good info out of that there is no hope
  19. theres been a few articles in pike and predators with clonks and cats,they do work it seems!
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