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  1. Thought I would bump this a bit, could really do with a few more names guy`s, I know Tony pays for the beat in advance and as it stands either the price per person will almost double or Tony will go bankrupt
  2. My personal belief based on my 2lb roach have come from rivers and their tributaries is that many of these once heavily match fished venues i.e the kentish stour have lost the free food that was put in every saturday and sunday as the match fraternity have moved onto carp pits etc, this coincides with the fast growth rates and pot bellied fish now common across the country from these venues.
  3. Fished it once a long time ago Chris, It used to hold some big Perch along with Tench and Carp but I have no useful info for you. ( I blanked by the way)
  4. as long as you leap across the street you will be o.k !
  5. Hi, Along with others I brought a few bits from Tesco direct when they had a clearance sale, I have left 6 x 2.5lb test curve carp rods, brand new and retailed at £19.99. i think !! (note this is not what Ipaid ) looking to sell at £10.00 per rod or £50.00 the lot.pick up only ( Medway area )
  6. KAYC


    Nice one Dave, must be time for another book ?
  7. Work out what you want down the line to present the bait the way you want and put everything else around the float, works every time
  8. Hi chubsta, you could try Sams lake near Headcorn, 2 lakes , the lower lake is full of carp, chub,perch etc.a very well maintained water which is fun to fish with float tackle but responds to all methods.
  9. Hi Shanghai, All good ! Gears are smooth and powerful, anti reverse is easy to locate and switch back and forth,clutch is smooth and variable. I have mine loaded with maxima 4 and 5lb b/s.
  10. Go for it shanghai, Great reel.. I have two, got the second one for a fiver !! I have primarily used mine for open end feeder fishing as the bail operation is excellent and " fits my short stubby fingers ! recently used them for waggler work no issues .the handle securing knob is the only minor problem they will break as they are only plastic / polypropolene ? ( not very strong ) dont pay to much, Quick search will give you optiions many links advertising RRP £99.00 dont pay more than £69.00 or use the links on here to take you to e-bay etc.
  11. Hi Moonlight, you really need to understand how you want your bait to behave as you will not always want your line to sink, as a generalisation if you are fishing still or slow moving water a bottom end only float is preferable ( waggler ) and if you are fishing your bait close to the bottom you would probably want your line to sink, try keeping some cheap washing up liquid with you , overcast and wind back in holding a soaked sponge against the line, remember to treat the length that runs along the rod !. when you cast feather the line as it lands dip your rod tip under the surface of the wat
  12. Congratulations Steve, ( how long was that list?)
  13. Great write up natty, good to see a couple of young lads think about their methods. do not get obsessed by size ( yet ) continue thinking about your angling and I look forward to many more reports.
  14. Just got back and to repeat what everyone else has said a big thank you to Steve, Peggy ,Terry, Glyn,and Tom for their fabulous efforts and generosity in allowing us to share their water for a weekend, After a chat with Steve today I can only begin. to appreciate how much effort and planning they all put in, as for Terry and Glyn I am sure if they were in a paid position they would have thrown a sickie, truly a labor of love. THANKS Thanks also to Tony / sue for the Bivvie and Den for the feeders.
  15. Have a great weekend yourself Alan, thanks for your best wishes.
  16. Just seen Iv`e made the list thanks Steve.
  17. Happy birthday to us all, ( are we older than the Newark needlepin ?) Great work and a huge thank you to Elton and crew
  18. sounds like things are warming up nicely Steve, here`s hoping.
  19. Got a few bits earlier but have just seen the baitrunners for a quid !!!! no need to log off they have all gone
  20. Prices still dropping !! check out while stocks last. ( how long before some of these end up on e-bay ? )
  21. Peter is spot on! the Marina this time of year, unless you can get afloat on salhouse the bank fishing is restricted, the bay to the right is VERY shallow, some good slacks to the left of the river at the entrance to the broad coming from Horning towards Wroxham, better late summer / autumn. good luck.
  22. used to be you had to pay this for any good carbon rod, this is a steal if you are looking for a quality rod, BUMP !
  23. Best of wishes to you Tony, glad to hear Sue is back at work. I am at the hospital Sat morning bit early for visiting but will try and sneak in with a bunch of grapes.
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