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  1. Yes - and without a healthy primary production an economy cannot survive by taking in each other's washing.
  2. Someone is alleged to have said something like that over 2000 years ago and provoked yet another offshoot of the god delusion.
  3. Hmmmm ..... Yes..... Being deaf myself I am not keen at becoming a potential target for "trigger-happy morons " (as an ex-policeman described an armed response team) although OTOH much time, trouble casualties and expense are saved when terrorists are shot dead during an attack. On balance I think a well-trained armed police force is acceptable, but perhaps "well-trained" for all eventualities is expecting too much. The case in point above was shot by taser and by firearm. and was not carrying a gun. That will take some explaining.
  4. Only just seen this thread. Glad you made it. I was facing something similar last winter, but the NHS got the stents in place in good time. Every exchange on AN has now become a bonus, and a fishing trip a huge bonus. May we both have many more such bonuses (not "boni" I'm British, not Roman)
  5. Like Brixham, There are several notices saying the penalty for fishing in the harbour is "up to £1000" Further along, there is a space next to the lifeboat station for lifeboatmen on shout to park their cars. The penalty for unauthorised parking in this spot, possibly delaying the lifeboat launch and increasing the risk to those needing help ? Just £50 Good to see the Brixham authorities have their priorities right
  6. True, but its a brave man who would stop my grand-daughter fishing - She fished the (Broadland) marina whilst the rest of the family were still loading the boat, and had a two-pound eel first cast.
  7. There are hybrids between the Himalayan Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster frigidus and C salicifolius (and also with other species iin genus Cotoneaster), Most are shrubs, one or two are trees. That with C.salicifolius gives the "weeping" form - as you might predict from the scientific name - salicifolius ="willow-leaved"
  8. OK, sent to your book address - the only one I have on my PC
  9. Steve, the larger fish had no stripes at all, the other one had (arguably) two very faint stripes - would you like copies of the pics ?
  10. The first is soon told. We set off for a Kent gravel pit, in the campervan, with loads of bait aboard, hopes of a decent perch or two, and looking forward to a couple of days appreciating the wildlife and ambience associated with that venue. Approaching Canterbury the clutch pedal failed to respond – pressed down, it stayed down. Obviously a failure of the clutch’s hydraulic system. Called out the breakdown service who sent an “engineer” in a van. (just an aside - there are plenty of half-baked grease monkeys in the motor trade masquerading as “engineers”) Anyway, this “engineer” proceeded to spray everything he thought relevant with WD40 – to no avail. We were not amused to be told it was a common problem which even affected his own Golf - which hardly helped our confidence in his ability So back home on a recovery truck. Large bill to put it right – it was the slave cylinder, positioned in a most difficult place that was leaking. (and the leak was difficult to detect under a coating of WD40) Anyway last week, van repaired, bait and hopes replenished, off on the second trip. Contrary to the weather forecast, we were met with a NW gale blowing at the southern shore I wanted to fish. I usually float fish worm here, but the wind made that impracticable unless I hiked half a mile round to the other side (my arthritic knee said “No!”) Anyway, isn’t facing the wind supposed to be a Good Thing ? So , I elected to fish across a large hole, 13 ft deep in the middle, and fish the far shelf where it was about 6 ft deep. It needed a cast of about fifty yards. I decided the bait should not lie on the bottom A sliding float with a running paternoster was my choice, so that the bait was suspended about a foot above the bottom (which was covered with weed as my weight bore witness on each retrieve) There followed some thought on the geometry of the rig. A fifty yard cast. The rod tip two foot above the surface, the lead eight feet below, the bait a foot higher. A sliding Polaris float to steepen the angle of line from surfaceto lead. By how much ? Hmm, that needed some guesswork, but I tried the lead on a five-foot running link, with a short hook length of about 9 inches. #6 hook loaded with as many dendroboenas as I could cram on, and out it went. Out went a second identical rig, Gave each about fifteen minutes and leapfrogged the two baits along the opposite side of the deep hole. About the third cast, got a bite – a “teenage” perch of a pound or so. Then it was a-bite-a-chuck for half an hour (4.30 to 5 pm) which produced another “teenage” perch, two tiddlers and one of 2-8. This was a remarkable colour - all yellow, no stripes. In fact when it rolled at the surface, and I got a glimpse in the waves that half concealed it, I thought “small tench ?? - it isn’t fighting like a tench” but of course it was this perch. No further bites until I packed up for the night, no matter how much I searched. Next morning, started with the same tactics – nothing until 9.30 am, then half a dozen “teenagers” and another “yellow” perch – not the same one, but smaller at 2-1.all within about 40 minutes Apart from a jack that attacked the worms on the retrieve and bit me off - that was it for the day. The third day I had a few hours before leaving at lunchtime – the wind had veered to North and only two tiddlers wanted my worms. Thus all the sizeable fish were concentrated into 30 minutes on the first evening and forty minutes the next morning – just a confirmation of the roving and shoaling nature of gravel-pit perch. What was intriguing was the catching of two yellow perch. All the others were normal stripey perch, from the same swim in the same time intervals. The first “yellow”was the first such coloration I had heard of, let alone caught - perhaps it was not too remarkable to catch another the next day, obviously the same cohort, probably from the same spawning. Any other catchers of stripeless yellow perch out there ? Took pictures, and will try to add them as soon as possible
  11. Still stacks of house martins hawking flies over a Kent gravel pit we fished on Friday. Norma turned up 42 species on a recce round the lake, including blackcap and chiff-chaff, so many migrants haven't gone from the SE yet (some chiff-chaffs don't leave at all) The blackberries were early though - freezer full of frozen fruits, shelves full of jars of bramble jelly a good fortnight ago. Crab apples and chestnuts next !
  12. One of Fred J Taylor's little whimsies was if one of his mates caught a good fish. An example..... "Oh ah, nice roach, Dick, nice roach - it just goes to show there must be fools amongst fish as well as amongst anglers"
  13. When using my old greenheart rods, and even with these new-fangled split-bamboo - both are jointed via brass ferrules - I always rub the male ferrule across those hairs of my scalp that I still have left. The natural grease (from the sebaceous glands in the scalp if you want to be technical ) puts sufficient lubrication on the ferrules so that they come apart easily when one packs up. Done it all my angling life and never had a stuck ferrule. Survived the "Brylcreem" era without ever using it - from observation I thought it attracted the wrong sort of bird.
  14. These days I only fish for pike with lures (I remove some trebles, and de-barb others as most lures are over-armoured) Were I to baitfish for pike in the presence of catfish I think I would opt for a single J hook. and strike early Ease of unhooking is in the interests of both pike and angler.
  15. One of the reasons I could afford to fish in all sorts of exotic places was that I never spent money I didn't have to, and made sure I got my money's worth from what I did spend. Wrap the reel in a clean piece pf tea-towel - it will protect it from grit and scratches just as well as a fancy reel case. Rinse in fresh water and dry the reel if it gets near salt water, always dry it off after a wet day's fishing. Use sewing machine oil or similar quality - before the reel starts squeaking !
  16. I thought you might favour it for that very reason !!
  17. Have been to S Georgia. One of the great places on the planet, Light-mantled Sooty Albatross, King Penguins, South Georgian Pintail, Fur seals, Elephant seals and many many more. and a major attraction - almost no people. Keep it that way, I say Same argument applies to St Kilda - leave it to the gannets, fulmars and occasional traveller, like me. I don't like sharing wild places with others, - a true angler's natural instinct on finding a stranger in his swim is to kill him. I have been exercising great forbearance.... That just leaves Rockall..............
  18. I never use a hook for more than one session for sea-fishing, Except Big hooks for shark, marlin, skate etc and hooks attached to lures. These I rinse under a freshwater tap when I get back to base and dry before putting away. Resharpen such hooks before re-use In freshwater I never use hooks of #16 or smaller more than two sessions larger hooks I will re-use, but only after sharpening. and always dry them either on packing up, or if its raining, as soon as I get home
  19. Norma and I had a few hours at a woodland pool this morning. Fished a big lob under a waggler. Hoped for a decent perch, but got just one bite - a ten pound carp. As she netted it for me Norma said "That's ten pounds" Weighed 11-12 in the net, and my wet net weighs just 1-12. So who needs a spring balance. Took a picture of each side and remembered a former angler who was notorious for doing that, then changing his jacket, taking two more pics, and then claiming four fish in the club "total season specimen catch" competition He was a bit of a joke at the club, as another trick he had for roving competitions was multiple keep nets concealed along the river which he had filled during the previous few days. An absolute rogue who would rather win by chicanery than by fair means. BTW Is there any easy way to post photos, or do we now have to use a a third party ?. I note that one that used to be free now wants money. Part of the decline in this forum stems from the demise of the photo facility. How much would it cost to reinstate a direct photo facility ? Nice pics BB
  20. Thanks for the input guys. The trailer option sounds a good idea. One Tramper, one trailer to carry it, both camper van and car fitted with towbars. Sounds good, flexible and avoids expensive conversions. Will explore that further Chesters, the Volvo has just passed an MOT, but the list of items that will need attention before the next MOT is chilling. "A millstone around ones neck" comes to mind or white elephants ...... Its now 19 years old and I have had my money's-worth out of it.
  21. The Australians aready do - they call them road trains. They run on outback roads, Instead of rails, they run on channels in the bulldust Bloody difficult to get out of those channels if you are in a campervan and you see a road train coming, They take no prisoners........
  22. Have owned Volvo estates since about 1983, present one is to be scrapped before its next MOT in 2018 What I need is a robust petrol-powered vehicle capable of carrying a heavy mobility scooter and the ramp necessary for retrieving it. (I'm looking at a Tramper mobility scooter) My angina has been largely - but not completely - resolved, only to find that an arthritic knee is limiting how far I can walk. I'm trying to improve muscle tone, but at age 83, am only just about holding deterioration at bay. I'm determined to carry on fishing , so an all-terrain scooter seems a good bet. I drove a Landrover Disco 3 in Namibia for a month and quite liked that, so a Disco is a candidate. looking at the Si6, also the Volvo XC90T6, The motor trade seems obsessed at the moment with off-loading their diesel models, so are not much help. Any advice from anyone with experience of similar vehicle problems is welcome
  23. Reminds me of an old colonial joke about tigers that I was able to put to good use.... We were on a hike through a tiger sanctuary in Assam. About a dozen of us with two guides, and received wisdom said it was comparatively safe by daylight . There was a somewhat domineering female within our ranks - she treated her husband like a butler and the rest of the world like inferior domestics. During conversation someone asked what we should do if a tiger were encountered. "Run!" I flippantly suggested. "That would be foolish" said the Grande Dame, "a man cannot outrun a tiger" "No marm" I replied "but I would not be trying to run faster than the tiger, it would be good enough merely to run faster than you" The GD had obviously not heard the joke before and was suitably outraged at my callousness.
  24. Well, he is certainly the noisiest, but with the sound turned down and the teletext turned off, there is some good scenery and action - the fishing guides see to that.
  25. One used to live under the laundry cum shed cum outside-loo building on my brother-in-law's spread in Tasmania. No-one knew it was there until the dog got a bit excited one day and they realised what he was "marking" Sat up at night with a torch until it came out and shot it It would certainly have accelerated proceedings for anyone discovering they were sharing the dunnie with a tiger snake,
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