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  1. Harris Lake - Marsh Farm , Milford. 0630 - 2330 Warm (still 18ºC when I got home at 0100), overcast and DRY - despite the forecast and the downpours the day before. There was some VERY annoying light drizzle for the last hour or so - but overall conditions were very benign - thankfully! 2 Crucians; 3lb 1oz & 2lb 9oz. 4 Tench - [email protected]+ - biggest 4lb 9oz. 3 Perch. A doz+ Rudd (micro!!) 3 Time lucky! This is the 3rd IAC fish-in I've organised in 2020 and the first one to actually take place. The Grayling day on the Itchen in Feb was cancelled due to Storm Dennis. The Marsh
  2. Harris Lake - Marsh Farm - Milford 0000 - 0500 Cool and clear. (Thermo in the car was at 4ºC when I left - and it felt chuffing cold - thankfully the fish kept me busy!). Good night for observing the night sky - lots to see. ISS went over twice, perfect visibility of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Venus rising at dawn was stunning - and could clearly see Comet NEOWISE just before sunrise in the eastern sky - twas visible for around 20mins at around 0320 - and I even saw a stunningly long meteor. 4 Crucians; 3lb 0oz, 2lb 14oz, 1lb 13oz, 1lb 11oz. 8 Tench - 3 over 5lb (6 over 4lb) - b
  3. Harris Lake - Marsh Farm, Milford 0000 - 0500 Clear, quite cool, still with some breeze. 11ºC - but felt chillier. 5 Crucians: 3 over 2lb - 2-13, 2-11 & 2-04. 10 Tench: most in the 2-3lb class. Biggest 2 went 6-05 & 4-04. 1 Perch. If the previous 10 hours angling had been frustrating the next 4 were totally frenetic. Fishing right under my rod tip in the margins my float fished prawn sections were taken within minutes of casting out each time. What was slightly curious was the 'catching order'. I started off with 5 tench - then had all the crucians in quick successi
  4. Marsh Farm 0730 - 1930 Sunny, becoming cloudy and breezy. Temp 10ºC -> 20º -> 16ºC. 5 Crucians (1lb 13oz, 1lb 10oz, 1lb 8oz, 2<1lb), 4 Tench (1½lb - 4lb 11oz), 3 Bream (1½ - 2½lb), 2 Roach (best 1lb 2oz), 2 Perch, a dozen+ Rudd. Started on Harris and struggled all morning for bites (even using maggot) though did manage the bigger of the crucians from here. Paul started on Richardsons and faired much better so I joined him in the afternoon - just to see my float move occasionally! Most fish on 6mm S-Pellet, float fished TIGHT to the margi
  5. Marsh Farm - nr Godalming 2000 - 1030 (2000 - 0500 Harris, 0530 - 1030 Johnstons) Over cast with a chilly northerly breeze. Min 12ºC (though max wasn't much more!) 4 Crucians, biggest 1lb 14oz, 5 perch - all 'net-ers' though the biggest was barely a pound, 1 rudd. Start the season on a 'easy' tench and crucian venue - then switch to a new water after bagging up all night - what could possibly go wrong!!! Well a chilly north wind for a start - whatever was the reason bites were VERY hard to come by. Paul managed 4 fish - a rudd and 2lb crucia
  6. Harris Lake, Marsh Farm Fishery, Milford. 1600 - 0700 Cool clear night, with bright sunshine before dusk and cloud building just after sunrise. 6 Crucians; 4 over 2lb - best 2lb 4oz. 5 Tench; Biggest 5lb 7oz. 4 Roach, 3 Perch, and a Gudgeon! Mission accomplished. Paul and I both said, rather wistfully, that we'd like a 5lb + tinca and a 2lb + crucian to kick off the summer. The crucian part of that equation being the one we thought we might struggle with as they haven't been showing very well recently from this lake - but we had a dozen between u
  7. Harris Lake, Marsh Farm, Milford 1900 - 0900 Clear cool night, down to 9ºC. Not a great night for spotting Perseids due to the near full moon - still spied a few really bright ones however! 12 Tench; All over 3lb with 3 over 4 - best 4lb 12oz. 10 Cruicans; 4 over 2lb, best 2 - 2lb 8oz & 2lb 7oz. A doz rudd, half a dozen roach and 2 perch. Busy night as nearly all wish during hours of darkness - and all bar 2 on the float. Chopped prawn again accounting for nearly all fish - despite starting with meat.
  8. Newbury AA Stillwater - Thatcham. 1930 - 0600 Mild night, quite breezy at times - temp didn't really get below 15ºC 2 Crucians, 2lb 1oz, 1lb 10oz. 3 Carp; a Common of 10lb 1oz and 2 Mirrors of 9-10 & 9-06, 1 Bream 2½lb. Paul set the bar rather high for this trip as he visited this swim on Tuesday night and caught 6 crucians of similar stamp to my 2, a fan-tailled goldfish (an old friend, we've both caught it before!) and 3 carp to 14+lb. So expectations were high and during the early part of the night looked like being delivered i
  9. Harris Lake - Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Godalming 1830 - 0900 Warm, balmy night under a full moon. 14 Crucians, 7 over 2lb, best 2 - 2lb 14oz & 2lb 10oz (smallest 1lb 7oz!). 14 Tench - all bar one over 3lb, best 5lb exactly. 2 Roach - a tiddler and a fish of 1lb 2oz, 6 rudd - all small and 2 perch ditto. Well I think I've got those 2 species out of my system for another summer - simply cracking session which started with 4X2lb+ crucians in 4 casts! Paul got off to a slow start and for awhile it looked like I'd win the unofficial numbers match -
  10. Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Godalming 1830 - 1100 Hot and Sultry start - car thermo was reading 34ºC when we pulled into the car park. Dawn greeted us with heavy showers and rumbles of thunder - though the cloud cover was good for the fishing! 15 Tench; 9 over 4lbs including 2,5s - biggest 5lb 4oz. 10 Crucians, 5 over 2lb - best 3 went 2lb 14oz and 2 at 2lb 12oz, 5 Roach and 5 Rudd. Thank goodness for Marsh Farm! After a dismal July (angling wise) it was very nice to get my string pulled by my two favourite summer species. Slow start after a very hot
  11. Harris Lake, Marsh Farm - Godalming AS 1400 - 0930 Hot and sunny. Night was clear and felt quite cool by dawn with a mega heavy dew! Gorgeous night to be out fishing under the Perseids! 14 Tench; Biggest 3, 5lb 13oz, 4lb 10oz, 4lb 8oz. All the rest in the '3lb class' save 2 which were smaller. 7 Crucians - all over 1lb (though a couple by not much!) biggest 2lb 5oz. 2 roach, 1 rudd & a perch. A really lovely session which came to life at 2130 as it got dark - had hardly a touch in the previous 7 hours in the heat (hardly surprising!) Nearly a
  12. Marsh Farm. Nr Godalming 1530 - 1100 1530 - 0500 - Harris 0530 - 1100 - Johnsons Warm and sunny - pleasant enough night until dawn when it got misty coating EVERYTHING in a very heavy dew. 22 Tench; Only 2 under 3lb with 10 over 4. Best 3 - 5lb 11oz, 5lb 7oz, 5lb 4oz. 2 Crucians; 2lb 13oz & 1lb 10oz. 4 perch, 3 rudd and 3 roach. A re-run of the opening day session (though we fished different pegs on Harris and Johnsons)and this time the fish had read the script! Action pretty continuous from around 8 o'clock on Harris lake an
  13. Summer Pit , Yateley 1900 - 0000 Cool, clear and still. Temp dropped from 18ºC - 8ºC 3 Tench - (6lb 11oz, 4lb 14oz, 3lb 3oz) 4 Crucians (2lb 10oz, 2lb 4oz, 1lb 15oz, 1lb 14oz) All fish caught after dark - 1st bite around 2045. Unusually, most fish to float fished meat (lift method as per usual!). 4.14 Tench and the 2.10 Crucian falling to bread. Biggest tench of the season and my biggest ever from this venue - had gorgeous, almost vermilion, colouration on its stomach. Biggest Crucian was a bit of a fluke - very much a last cast fish - in fact I
  14. Marsh Farm - Harris Lake 0730 - 1730 Dry but breezy - becoming VERY breezy. 13 Crucians (smallest 2lb 6oz, 4 over 3lb - biggest 3lb 3oz) 1 tench (small) 1½ doz Roach and Rudd. Fished 4mm pellet or single red maggot - most of the Crucians fell to pellet. Wind made bite detection a nightmare - would have had a significantly bigger haul without it. Ended up fishing very tight to the bank in 18inches of water (fish were there though!) Paul had 5 Cruey's - with a PB of 3lb 6oz.
  15. NAA Stillwater - Thatcham 1300 - 0930 Hot and sultry (again!). Max 25ºC, Min 12ºC. 4 Carp (but see below!) ; 14lb2oz, 9lb 7oz, 5¾ & 4¾lbs. 3 Crucians; 2lb 14oz, 2lb 2oz, 1lb 9oz. 4 roach & 2 rudd. A very quiet night - saved, for me at least - by a very productive last 2½hrs when I had the 14 (on floating crust from right under my feet) and all 3 crucians on float fished meat - hooray! Paul and I had set ourselves a target for the session of a double figure carp and a crucian each - so job done for me! Paul didn't manage a cru and his only
  16. Chris Plumb

    3 July

    NAA Stillwater - Widmead 0415 - 1015 High cloud - warm. 15º -> 20ºC 4 Carp; 10lb 1oz, 9lb 6oz, 9lb 0oz, 7lb 11oz. 1 Crucian; 3lb 2oz. 2 roach, 1 rudd (all 3 of which needed the net to land.) Despite the splendid crucian and the hard fighting commons - a quiet morning bite-wise. Crucian on float fished meat - in the margins - pretty much only bite of the morning - apart from the roach and rudd - wasn't even 'carped' as is the norm. Biggest common on the feeder - other 3 all caught on bread in the last ¾hr when they started to feed on the top. M
  17. Chris Plumb

    5 July

    Summer Pit - CEMEX Yateley 1800 - 2330 Clearing skies - cooler than of late - down to 14ºC. 2 Tench; 7lb 0oz, 3lb 2oz. 1 Crucian 2lb 13oz. 1 Bream 2½lb. Well, I'm certainly on a roll at the moment! My biggest ever Tinca from this venue and my 2nd best ever Crucian from here. After a really barren few seasons on the Crucian front this is now my 3rd, 2½lb+ fish from 3rd different venue! Lots of bubbling and activity - but nothing but line bites until it got dark. First fish - the big tench on the stroke of 10pm (quite literally - I could hear the c
  18. Summer Pit - CEMEX Yateley 1800 - 2330 Warm and overcast. Temp 'down' to 18ºC when I left. 4 Tench: 6lb 1oz, 4lb 10oz, 3lb 6oz, 3lb 3oz. 1 Crucian 2lb 11oz. 1 rudd Can't have too much of a good thing when it comes to catching big crucians! (or tench for that matter!). 3 Tench on 6mm s-pellet in the margins, 1 tench and the crucian on meat about 1½ rod lengths out. Both caught in consecutive casts just as it got properly dark.
  19. NAA Stillwater - Widmead 0445 - 1045 Warm and overcast with sun breaking through after 0900. 15ºC->24ºC 1 Crucian; 3lb 13oz - new PB! 2 Commons; 11lb 3oz & 8lb 5oz. 2 Perch - 1 just on 1lb and a nice Rudd of 10oz. Yippee got what I came for - had heard of some big 3's showing and even whispers of a 4lber so thrilled to have snaffled one. Sat right back and float fished under my rod tip about 2 foot from the bank - lots and lots of little lifts and movement from the off - which was obviously just rudd and perch. Had one classic lift about
  20. Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Goldalming (Harris Lake) 0730 - 1900 Cool, calm and overcast with light rain all afternoon from 1300. Max 16ºC 14 Tench; Biggest 3 - 6lb 2oz, 5lb 9oz & 4lb 9oz with the vast majority being around the 3¼lb mark (only 1 under 3lb). 4 Crucians; 2lb 3oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 10oz, 2lb 13oz. 1½doz 'bits' - mainly roach with a couple of rudd, perch and even a gudgeon! A very enjoyable day's angling - our 'annual' visit here postponed from June when we bottled it due to a poor weather forecast - a shrewd move given what we caught
  21. Newbury AA Stillwater - Widmead 0530 - 1100. Bright and sunny after a cool, misty start. 10º -> 20ºC 1 Crucian; 2lb 2oz. 8 Carp; best 2 - 12lb 6oz & 11lb 9oz, smallest 6¾lb. 3 rudd & a perch. A morning's float fishing (lift method as per usual!!). Crucian and 3 of the smaller carp on 6mm S-Pellet. Meat just got nailed by the rudd. Last couple of hours spent freelining bread - which brought 5 more carp including both bigger ones. Smallest crucian from here in 7 years...
  22. NAA Stillwater - Thatcham 0630 - 0930 Warm despite clear skies. 15º - 20ºC 1 Crucian, 2lb 15oz. 1 Carp 5lb 7oz, a rudd (small!) Mini campaign to get an autumn crucian meets with success!! Though in fairness this morning felt more like high summer! Thought my chance had gone, as despite having the odd crucian rolling it wasn't until the sun just started to bathe the swim in full light at around 0900 that I had a bite from one (the carp trashing the swim an hour earlier didn't help either! ). My biggest ever crucian from this lake - very thick set
  23. Newbury AA Stillwater - Widmead 1930 - 0000 Warm overcast and muggy night - lovely shirt-sleeves evening though needed plenty of DEET - mozzies were in almost plague like swarms! Temp still 16ºC at midnight. 1 Crucian; 3lb 3oz. 1 Tench; 4lb 9oz. 2 carp 6lb 3oz & 6lb 13oz. 1 Rudd. Mission accomplished - 1st crucian of the summer and it's a real goodun! Things didn't start off quite so well - had the 'smaller' carp practically 1st cast on my float gear - took an age to get in and completely trashed the swim. So no bites afterwards for ages. Had
  24. Newbury AA Stillwater - Thatcham 2000 - 0700 Warm and overcast night, didn't get below 14ºC. Drizzle until midnight but by dawn our brollies/shelters were dry. Lovely night to be out. 2 Crucians; 3lb 7oz & 2lb 3oz. 1 Carp 10lb 5oz. Not quite mission accomplished first cast - but certainly 1st bite!! Biggest crucian of the season, my 3rd biggest ever and the first 3lber I've ever had from this water. Plan was to try and avoid attracting the carp - so didn't feed the swim - a ploy which appears to have worked (nearly!). Paul and no such qualms
  25. Harris Lake, Marsh Farm Fishery, Nr Godalming. 1530 - 0930 Overcast and muggy becoming cooler am. (And DRY despite the forecasts for days beforehand forecasting rain!) 14 Tench; 7 over 4lb, best 3 - 6lb 2oz, 5lb 7oz, 5lb 5oz. 6 Crucians; 3lb 1oz, 2lb 13oz, 2lb 3oz*, 2lb 1oz*, 1lb 15oz, 1lb 10oz. 4 Roach - 3 over 1lb (!) best 1lb 6oz. 3 Rudd - all 10-12oz. 3rd time Paul and I have done a night here and this cracking session was following on from last season's successful experiment which also copied the same pattern of not a lot happening until it
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