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Stop them maggots sweating!

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Im with Nugg on this 1.I aint an old fart either.If you look at my post for the guy who asked how to get maggots I have a detailed method which uses sawdust.I also keep the offending grubs in sawdust.Porrige oats are quite good too.



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Much changed in 20 years?

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I have used bran flakes, or porridge oats or crushed Wheatabix a few times over the years whenever I had run out of powdered maize meal and they’ve all served their purpose quite well.

Back in the days when I used to fish a lot of team matches and when we used to wash our maggots to rid them of their ammonia smell; I used to dry them inside a towel and then put them in some sawdust to dry them out completely before riddling the sawdust off and then sprinkling powdered maize meal onto them. I sometimes sprinkled a little turmeric over them or gave them a spray of wasp grub flavouring the night before I used them too.

if I’m not using my maggots for a few days I keep them in a deep open tray in the fridge and riddle off and then replace the maize meal (or bran flakes or porridge oats or wheatabix) every couple of days.



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On 3/19/2021 at 8:04 PM, Elton said:

Much changed in 20 years?

Only the price lol

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I asked the guy in the angling shop for some spare sawdust ages ago and it's lasted years. But I don't bother to riddle it out. Should I? What's the problem if you don't?

john clarke

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You can get away with not changing the sawdust; and it will still keep the maggots dry and soak up any sweat; but we used to prefer to use fresh sawdust (which we had plenty of) after washing and drying them (when we fished team matches) to reduce the smell of ammonia on them; before riddling off the sawdust and adding some fresh corn meal; however they will usually still catch fish even when they smell of ammonia as long as it isn’t too overpowering. It was mainly a confidence thing for us and when we felt confident about the quality of our bait it usually resulted in us fishing a lot better throughout the whole of the match.


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