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What Have You Got?

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#1 Elton


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Posted 02 January 2003 - 11:01 PM

I used to keep tropical fish as a kid, but now just have the pond. It's about 11', kind of triangular, and goes down about 4'. Few carp, tench and goldfish in there.

What about you?

P.S. Still got Sea Monkeys :D

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#2 Adz



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Posted 02 January 2003 - 11:41 PM

This is my project for February... sort out th garden, get rid of the lawn and put a half decent sized pond in (if I'd got more garden it would be a decent sized pond!)

In the mean time, I want to set up a small aquarium to keep perch in. I really need some advice on things like temperature and keeping the water fresh and suitable for the fish as it will be my first go. Perch are my first choice simply because they're probably my favourite fish, but if I'm advised that they're not well suited to a tank I can always rethink it.

Lastly... anyone got a source for buying them? I'd rather not go and catch some and remove them from the wild, I'm only looking for around 5 fish between 2 and 4 inches long.


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#3 Bradford Angler

Bradford Angler


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Posted 02 January 2003 - 11:43 PM

mines 22ft by 12 (at one end) and narrows to 7 at the other . . . my how I fought against the misses with the marking pegs . . wot's an angler going to do with a lawn eh ?

the garden is on a bit of a slant so one end is upped by breeze blocks, tied together with builders ties, and angled blocks, nicely rendered as we ran out of time, but ivy is starting to cover it . . it holds around 2,000 gallons (wow, impressive ?? not when you get a disease and need to treat it though :-( it is quite costly. I have had it in the garden for 6 years and only last year worked out that if I half emptied it, then I only need buy half the treatment, doh !

I keep 8 carp (uglies), two tench, some orfe, and goldfish . . plus 4 rudd

I have fed them mostly on nishikoi fast grow (almost completely, apart from the odd handfull of maggots every month or so, if I have any left). The filtration is about okay, but this year bought an extra pump to run the waterfall.
The water is now circulated at 3,600 gallons per hour . . and haven't lost any fish later on in the season.

word of warning - bought a pump from screwfix, was only cheap, but seems a bit high on the lekky

had a heron problem once - bolt it has gone away now, but the cover is exists over the pond to stop the little falling in . .

it is somewhere nice to sit, and I am still amazed to this day how near to the plants and other cover the carp sit !!

ps - thanks for the board Elton, as soon as the weather gets warmer I will be posting my usual symptons again : - ((
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#4 greg long

greg long


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Posted 03 January 2003 - 12:53 AM

Depends what the heron has left me, :( had tench bream roach goldfish golden orfe and shubunkin in sept. Lost all my koi golden tench and carp the year before to longshanks :mad: so expect to loose most of them again this winter, :mad: mines 18' X 14' but only 3' deep want to increase the depth and size but she wont let me........... :( :(
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Posted 03 January 2003 - 01:38 AM

I've got a small pond in the garden about 8ftx4ft and about 2ft6ins deep. In it we have got the usual goldfish and 1 mirror carp & 1 common both of them are in the region of 3-5 ozs in weight.

I had planned to build a bigger pond on the patio this year of 6ft wide and 12ft long by 4ft deep, but have been "put off" :mad: as it will take so much room of that end of the patio. Still I will enjoy my small just as much as I ever did.

We also have a 4ft tank in the house with cold water fish in it, and 2 plecosstomus (if thats how it's spelt) that are I believe a fish from the Amazon area(term loosly used) that seem to thrive in the tank.

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#6 John S

John S


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Posted 03 January 2003 - 02:22 AM

7x14 foot pond (about 3 1/2 feet deep) with several koi and a mirror carp, as well as five golden orfe and various goldfish. Planning on building another (deeper) pond sometime :rolleyes:

John S

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#7 chris



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Posted 03 January 2003 - 02:26 AM

I have two small ponds,6x4s andtwo tropical tanks.
Dont quite know what the heons have left me with though :mad: ,think i still hav a golden tench and some goldfish,pretty sure the ghosties have gone and the rudd :mad: Have now netted them after r stocking three times in as many years.
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#8 fisherman



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Posted 03 January 2003 - 02:31 AM

Two pools in the garden, one is only about 10ft. round 3ft. deep. The other is roughly 14ft. roundish and 4ft. deep. Did have koi,golden tencn, golden orfe and rudd until long shanks needed a feed, left with a few rudd now and some comets.
6ft.tank indoors with tropicals, angels and the like plus a great big plecostomus.
Hey Bush you sure Plec is happy in cold water? They are a tropical fish :confused: !
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#9 Woodzzz



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Posted 03 January 2003 - 02:41 AM

The pond in my garden is actually a natural feature. The mountain nearby [The Wrekin] has a stream that runs under and over ground to the bottom of the town, and fortunately, it passes through a little pond in my garden.

This is great because the wealth of food that comes through with the rich silt means i don't have to feed the fish very often.

In the summer I will give them a veritable feast once a week, but they much prefer the very large freshwater shrimp [some are over an inch long]

I have mainly carp in the pond, mirrors, ghosts, and a sole albino grass carp. There is one large fantail goldfish, a shoal of tiny rudd, and a golden orfe that's pushing the record!

One thing i've noticed is that they will only eat bait that blends with the bottom like hemp seed, pellets etc. Anything that stands out is ignored.

I may need to move one of the carp soon as it likes to jump about a bit and may end up getting snaffled by the many many inquisitive cats and herons that stare into the pond occassionally.

#10 chris



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Posted 03 January 2003 - 02:42 AM

Seems a lot of us are visited by the herons.I seem to get troubled during the winter months only,is that the case with you guys??