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  1. And here I was missing the daily thunderstorms of southern Mississippi... You could count on a rain everyday at the same time to bring releaf to the heat. Glad you missed out on the hail Newt. Just think what might have happened to that shiny new 5th wheel you've been eyeing!
  2. Wow Hermes! Say what you really mean! Now really.. Did you stop to take a breath? Devils advocate: There seems to be a significant difference in bylaws for different areas of the country. To be blatant about fishing within sight of an A road like that makes me wonder if they were in fact legally fishing?
  3. While I agree with you Lid, who says they aren't vermin? That's unfortunately a strong view taken in the US (that they are). I can see this discussion getting very heated as I've read a fair few of comments on youtube about something similiar. That being said I'll not argue because its not to my taste.
  4. Look here for reviews if you haven't already. And have a look here for safety items. You'll need more than just a flotation jacket if you are going to sea. I have P13 and I like it alot. I spent a great deal of time searching myself before going for it. Plenty of space and easy to get around. Not fast but reliably stable. The storage is marginal in my opinion though.
  5. I have loads of dumba$$ things I've done. One of them consisted of donating blood, in which I decided to lie down after. Half asleep the phone rang. After jumping up and running to it I found myself on the floor with no recollection of how I even got there. I'm sure I can think of about a dozen more. Then again I'm not very clever. Big Jeff- I hesitate to say that is the norm for houses up here. Not a single door in the place I rent is hung straight. In fact, out of the three houses I have rented near Harrogate, only one was not in need of some sort of fix.
  6. Jeff S


    Hi John, I would take a short medium action rod with you if you don't plan on buying one while you are there. My suggestion would be just that. Take an empty large suitcase and put a smaller one inside it (full) then you can do what you like with your empty one. There is a Bass Pro shop in Orlando. You won't be disappointed if you go! Its a short drive west. There is also a Dick's Sporting goods in Melbourne, a short drive south. I would opt for the Bass Pro myself. Go for redfish and black drum and don't forget the flounder. Take some pictures and share them!
  7. I'm afraid I'm not sure what you had your pictures opening with. What you can do is open my pictures, click tools, folder options, and then the tab for file types. You should then find the file extension you want to open (.jpg, .jpeg, .png etc) Alternately, you can do the same thing from your control panel. Here you should be able to change the application for the file extension you want to open by highlighting the extension and then clicking change. Then just pick the application you want to use to open those types of files.
  8. I used to watch Graham Norton before he went to the USA to make it big Sometimes funny... Sometimes not. Who really cares about orientation anyway? I would think he is somewhere along the lines of Howard Stern (very liberal) or Rush Limbaugh (ultra conservative). You either love them or hate them, but the majority really only view/listen to see what they going to do/say next.
  9. Beaker would work well for pike too and the Swedish chef maybe for codling?
  10. Ok so no reply.. Can someone tell me what the term muppet is in reference to bait?
  11. http://www.nidderdaleac.co.uk/ near Harrogate and within an hour (I think). Also search for Fewston, Swinsty and Thrusscross. I think you can fish all three on the same day ticket. Ripon area has a smallish lake at Tanfield for very reasonable price. Stocked with the usual blue, rainbows, and browns. Then further north near Northallerton there is Stonebridge Trout fisheries. Both Tanfield and Stonebridge are commercials. Stonebridge is under new management and during my last visit they have added another lake this year. Owner said something about catching carp on the fly..
  12. Nice read Mark! So would you care to expand on that type of bait? Which one was it? Sorry- Couldn't resist!
  13. Excellent! Paddle fitness you say? 20 miles? Yer crazy
  14. Update: I'm surprised no-one called me on this. Before you call your ISP- Try to disable the wireless NIC and re-enable it. Verify that the SSID and pre-shared key are correct (case-sensitive). Lastly, if you are unable to get to the web from only one of your PCs, try adding a DNS address in the TCP/IP properties window where you selected DHCP. You can get the DNS address by logging into your router. and yes I have run into this issue recently..
  15. My wife and I were talking about something similiar the other day. I think we both made it to the conclusion that 'Nice guys finish last'. We were discussing this. It does sort of ring true in my opinion. What etiquette is? Definitely learned behavior. Like it or not morals go a long way. Similiar to driving faster than the speed limit when no one is watching. I would expect to be treated the same as I would treat others. A simple thank you costs nothing and goes a long way towards a conversation.
  16. What Elton said definitely. Show him how to get the float out and then hand him the reins. Then don't interfere unless he asks. If he is anything like my daughter he'll have loads of questions anyway. Above all be patient- it's supposed to be fun
  17. Can't possibly be the Hogwarts Express....
  18. Must have saved the picture before N.J. added it.
  19. Thanks Wiggly! It took a bit of reading and getting familiar with the software but since I can't go kayaking well here you are! Cheers! I had to host it somewhere else.. My apologies J.K
  20. Best Wishes Budgie. My thoughts will be with you.
  21. Here is a short version.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mailer-Daemon The mail sometimes bounces around before being delivered. Usually you'll get a message saying it is taking longer than usual.
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