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anyone see the article on hand lining in this weeks angling times.It`s a new one on me. like to hear your views on this subject. I`m totally against it, why bother with a rod or pole just attach a length of elastic,line,hook and bait to your arm and throw it in the water!!!fishing i think not!!! :confused:

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Been about for some time on the comercial carp cicuit.Not my cup of tea but each to their own.There was also the use of landing net handles as poles using massive elastics for margin fishing using the handlining method.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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When I lived in Australia, back in the '60s, most (sea)fishing was done with a handline.


Even now, when chubbing after dark, when it's too dark to see the rod tip properly, I lay the rod next to me and feel for bites by holding the line.


Holding the line directly in your fingers, you get an awful lot of information coming from the hook end.


You can feel the minnows nibbling at your bait, or the approach of a crayfish, the moment a chub lifts the bait, and the sudden jerk as it takes.


There seems to be a faster reaction time when you feel a bite, as opposed to seeing a bite.


I think that detecting a bite by sight means there is a slight delay as your mind pauses to see if it's just the wind or flow, a nibble or a real take. Then it's unlikely that you are instantly ready to strike.


With the line in your fingers, you know exactly what's going on, and holding the line you are already ready to strike at exactly the right moment.


Once the hook is set, you can then pick up the rod to play the fish.


Like everything, you shouldn't be too quick to knock it until you have tried it.


Tight Lines - leon


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leon i think there is a big difference between feeling for bites and dragging carp out of the water.There is only one reason for it`speed` so the top match men can make a few extra bob and sod the poor fish.The anti`s will love this if they see the pictures in the a.t.i take your point about not knocking things before you try them but i just think this is way out of order!well thats just my opinion.

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T'is 'fishing' but 'angling'-not!

(is a pole not just a long arm w'lacky band?)

I have not seen it used for carp but sea anglers and trout 'borrowers' have used it for yonk's.

I suppose dangling a crust from the rod tip in the rushes in not 'proper' angling either! (but it works for me)

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