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Help! Has anyone got 5 mins spare?

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I am studying with the Open University and desperately need some market research for a design project in the field of angling luggage/ seat boxes. I have put together a simple survey, completely anonymous, it doesn't even ask your name. If any angler of any discipline has a few seconds to spare to fill in this online survey I will be forever in their debt and you will be helping out a fellow angler. Just click on the link to get there.


If any of you have tried to get this kind of info for college or work, you will know how hard it is to convince people you aren't selling anything! I promise I'm not!!!




Thanks in anticipation,

Dave Forrest

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Painless and since no personal info asked for, should be safe enough.


One suggestion though - black type on dark blue background isn't the easiest thing in the world to read.

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It's sent. Good luck.


Are you thoroughly sick of qualitative/quantitative marketing research yet?

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