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Other than fishing?

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Phone - there are a couple of uk mail order places specialising in rare and special chilli seeds for enthusiasts - I've not used them myself, but I will see if I can dig them out.


I forgot to mention the fish tanks, two planted tanks and a rift valley cichlid tank.

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Elton~ thats a beast car! always wanted something like that..personally it would have to be a Dodge charger with all the usual trimmings for me....but man thats a sweet ride. is that the final paint job? or do you have plans?

EDIT paint job is a tsupid question because the rest of your post appeared! LOL

whats the plan for the paint job then? if you want anything photoshopped onto photos of it to get ideas then let me know! we can take some hi-res piccies then i can adjust colours and add decals etc all in photoshop so you get an idea of what she might look like.


It's going to stay matt/satin black for the next year or so now, simply because I want to drive it and not worry about the paint. The engine has been dressed up a bit now, the engine bay and car interior are all black and there are a few bits of stainless. My mate made a complete exhaust system from scratch, using the headers that were already on it and a couple of mufflers I bought, and it looks awesome. I can't wait to hear it fire up again, which should be some time in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!


There are a few pics of it in its old state, here:


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i like having my time wasting as a hobby ,48 minutes waiting for Thames water to pick up their emergency sewage pipe blocked line for a start!

when it was up to the council it was 3 rings maximum :rolleyes: i bet if it was a Thameswater line concerning paying your water bill it would be faster!

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Motorcycling is my other main hobby, I have one of these;




Photography interests me greatly, I bought a Nikon P7100 which will do loads of stuff but I really need to spend time learning how to use it, at the moment I just leave it on Auto which is terrible waste. I don't have many indoor hobbies, the fly tying stuff is in the loft and online gaming has lost its appeal so I should do something else. I used to race radio controlled electric cars and that was huge fun so maybe I'll resurrect that.

It's never a 'six', let's put it back

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Other than angling (coarse mainly, a little bit of game and sea)....


Wine making, fly tying, photography (used to have my own darkroom - colour and B&W, now gone digital), reading & book collecting (2,000+ volumes), cacti/succulents, carnivorous plants (73 main plants + over 3,000 seedlings), astronomy, birdkeeping, fishkeeping, painting (badly), home DIY, computing, cooking (when I'm allowed) and fossil collecting.

John S

Quanti Canicula Ille In Fenestra


Species caught in 2017 Common Ash, Hawthorn, Hazel, Scots Pine, White Willow.

Species caught in 2016: Alder, Blackthorn, Common Ash, Crab Apple, Left Earlobe, Pedunculate Oak, Rock Whitebeam, Scots Pine, Smooth-leaved Elm, Swan, Wayfaring tree.

Species caught in 2015: Ash, Bird Cherry, Black-Headed Gull, Common Hazel, Common Whitebeam, Elder, Field Maple, Gorse, Puma, Sessile Oak, White Willow.

Species caught in 2014: Big Angry Man's Ear, Blackthorn, Common Ash, Common Whitebeam, Downy Birch, European Beech, European Holly, Hawthorn, Hazel, Scots Pine, Wych Elm.
Species caught in 2013: Beech, Elder, Hawthorn, Oak, Right Earlobe, Scots Pine.

Species caught in 2012: Ash, Aspen, Beech, Big Nasty Stinging Nettle, Birch, Copper Beech, Grey Willow, Holly, Hazel, Oak, Wasp Nest (that was a really bad day), White Poplar.
Species caught in 2011: Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Elder, Fir, Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut, Oak, Passing Dog, Rowan, Sycamore, Willow.
Species caught in 2010: Ash, Beech, Birch, Elder, Elm, Gorse, Mullberry, Oak, Poplar, Rowan, Sloe, Willow, Yew.

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I forgot painting! What a plonker! I paint using the wet on wet oil painting technique made famous by Bob Ross! Sell a few pieces and do demos at various gathering to support the local cat protection trust? Also have a stand at a few of the craft fairs painting to request etc. great fun!

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Do you have a good source for a pure strain of "Capsicum chinense" (habanero)? Believe it or not I'm looking for a source for a friend in Mexico.






I don't but i just found this on ebay,



he says posts to worldwide or i could get and send it to you



Cheers Fred

my mind not only wanders-- sometimes it leaves completely.



Updated 7/3/09




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Sea fishing is my main form of fishing(packed up th freshwater) but during the summer I am Chairman and Captain of a local Crown Green Bowling club which takes over my life playing 4 times a week, I enjoy playing my clarinet and I also enjoy going out on my Honda 1100 Pan European.

Just one big fish, PLEASE!!!!!!

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