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What scares you when night fishing?

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I have been discussing what scares us when doing nights with my mate. All sorts of silly things came up including: Ghosts ghost , people, satan demon , rabbits, panthers,lions, tigers, gypsys, murderers :mad: , thieves, tramps alsorts!


However none of these bother me, what does it for me is ........................ RATS!


I am terrified of them! It has affected my 25 years of Carping, it really has. I would love to fish certain waters and fish under my brolly for ease of moving onto fish but i cant, i have to completeley block any gap in my bivvy, i zip up completeley at night, again affecting my fishing. I go to france a couple of times a year but the first thing i ask is "have ya got rats?" If they have I dont go there!(Not that they would tell me when they have!)Bizzareley enough Coypu dont bother me whatso ever!

I always have a radio on at night so i cant here the evil creatures outside and if i do i up and leave doesnt matter what time it is!


If i get a run in the night i rattle the bivvy first and then run out stomping and shouting! Bad or what? My dad thinks it goes back to a time when he was pulling an old chicken coup down on our small holding (I was 7) and there was a nest underneath, they scattred and one run up my leg squeeling, i was hysterical and never recovered from my fear.


I need a shrink! It never stops me going though, i just endure the terror of darkness every night! And as I said i choose venues wiseley, not easy as most have RATS! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


Anyone else share a fear of rats?


Rats i bloody hate them! :(

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i dont get frightend of the dark but one night i was out with my metal detector (after work in the winter) you have to amagine its dark and because of the earphones you cant hear anything either (double spooky is that nasty ruffian creeping up behind you) i had got a signal and was kneeling down digging a hole whilst passing the earth over the search head to see if the object was in the loose earth ,suddenly out of the corner of my eye i saw a white thing rushing towards me my reactions took over and i leapt backwards from a kneeling position several feet my heart pumping only to see a white carrier bag go by in the breeze :D

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now ya see I love snakes and even got tagged when i was doing my rounds on the fishery i used to run! I was playing with it though ..... the lads used to call me Steve Irwin!


It wasnt painful but it did land me in hospital for a few hours with a very swollen hand and bruised pride!


As it happens they let me go home (Eventually)without even givving me a jab!

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Yeah, didnt realise he had exclusive rights to alice coopers merchandise ...... can ya get tickets for gigs?

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Yeah, didnt realise he had exclusive rights to alice coopers merchandise ...... can ya get tickets for gigs?

yes november the n.e.c. got mine have you?????? :mad: :mad:
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