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Letter From The ACA Chairman

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'As long as the reply is not slander (if spoken publicly) or libel (if written publicly) then they could publish whatever the pleased as long as they could find some place to have it published'


Or not subject to any written or verbal agreement that they may have with the ACA not to disclose certain information. That would likely form part of their severance package.

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As a nonmember but interested bystander, I feel it must be asked (by members of course) "what was the salary paid?"


And next question,


One third of what?



Just interested,



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Had an interesting p.m. which gives rise to the question, will Bob James Centre-Pins be on the Masterline owned Harris Angling site's 'Half Price Bargain of the Day' page now? Even I might swallow humble pie if they go to 75% off :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Nice to see that the ACA are aware of the bigger issue here ie keeping there members informsd!


They have done their bit so we must now do ours and continue supporting them.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Writing as one who was a member of the ACA from 1962 until 1995 (the year Jane Brett (James)

succeeded Allen Edwards)and a Council & Committee member from 1980 until I was bounced out by Ms Brett for objecting to her appointment. In the light of the Chairs letter, I will rejoin the ACA

immediately even though I no longer live in the UK

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as long as bob james was in post there was no way i would be joining considering his publicly stated views on live baiting. a view that was written in such a way as to appear as an ACA policy.


my cheque will now be winging its way to their coffers.


IMHO bob james may well be a nice chap, but i would question other than the passion series, why he is a consultant is beyond me. i read everything and before a passion for angling i had never heard of the bloke.

Mark Barrett


buy the PAC30 book at www.pacshop.co.uk


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Posted on Behalf of Martin James...........


As a life member and the recipient of an Illuminated scroll in 1989 for my work for the association. I feel we all need to get behind the Chairman and committee at this crucial time in the ACA's history. Remember the organization is far bigger than any individual. Angling needs the ACA to take on the polluters, and this should be the only job for this worthy organization. We do not need a glossy magazine which has cost a lot of money in the past Money which could have been used against the polluter. Every member should receive a yearly balance sheet and be invited to attend an AGM to be held in the Midlands. Finally the pay off to Mr and Mrs James (no relation) should be shown in the balance sheet. We have a right to know.

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Originally posted by Alan Roe:

[QB] Letter from Anglers Conservation Association Chairman


Against this, the wages, perks and other emoluments paid to senior non-legal staff continued steeply upwards to what can only be described as over-generous levels, so that by 2003 more than 1/3 of all the Association’s total expenditure related solely to the cost of employing Mr and Mrs James. It should be remembered that these rises were against a background of financial losses, in some years severe. Interestingly during the same period the expenditure and costs of running the legal department never rose above 19% of the whole annual budget.


I am not a member ACA, nor do I really care about the Bob James and his wife.


However, the above statement, for anybody who cares to read it properly, does actually more imply incompetence on behalf of the board or the committee, rather than Mrs James.


Has anybody heard of a Director in a limited company (ACA is organised as a Ltd company), or a charitable trust for that matter, deciding their own salary levels? Of course not, the Directors salary and other benefits must by law be deceided by the board / committee.


They can slag each other off (ACA and the James's) as much as they like, but I find it sad when they present their members with a statement which is bordering on nonsense. If the current committee are of the opinion that the former Director's compensation levels was to high they should actually criticise their former peers.




[ 12. December 2004, 10:59 PM: Message edited by: Vidar6 ]

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as someone who was going to join the ACA before this blew up, the letter is a good move.but it really states the things that should've been in place before this fiasco came to light, a bit like shuting the barn door after the horse has bolted (with a nice pay off )should not the ACA try and recover some of these expense's. i think i will wait 6 month's as some one had suggested.the key to a good orginization is good communication within and out side of the orginization something that has clearly been lacking at the ACA

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