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Hi folks, first post in the photography forum so go easy :) . Bought myself my first DSLR last week. I finally opted for a Canon EOS 400D, hopefully it'll do the job, I think it will judging by some of the photos on here by others that have the same camera. Here's a photo of a beetle one of my kids found in a pile of logs on saturday.





Hi jigotai, and welcome to the Photoforum !! Nice to have you aboard !! :D:D


Good choice in choosing Canon ... not that I'm biased of course !! ;)


If that is the standard you can achieve whilst learning your new camera then it certainly bodes well for the future !! :thumbs:


How about sticking a few shots on this months Comp ? Read through the rules first please !


Keep them coming !! :P


Wiggly. :rolleyes:

The Older I get .. The better I was.

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The weather has all but scuppered the high hopes I had for the holiday. I had been planning a whole weekend of spring togging. Got a distant shot of this kestrel in poorish light this morning. I guess it's a start. Looking forward to some more cracking wildlife shots from the usual suspects on this thread as the year progresses. :)



Slodger (Chris Hammond.)


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Some great photos on here as usual team. Do not worry I will lower the tone ! Here are some of mine from the weekend. It was the wifes birthday on Sunday so I booked us a weekend in London.


The show we seen was "Jason" it was terrific. Through the day we had a wander about and here are some of the shots I took.


This face from the African section at the British museum caught my eye




On the Sunday morning we had a walk through Kensington gardens and noticed a few parrots flying around




Next we strolled past the Albert Memorial. Its an amazing place for a photoshoot




Next came the Natural History Museum.What an amazing building and looked very Gothic to me




This chap looked friendly enough




Rexy looked a bit scary




Little Rexy looked cute enough though !




All in all a great weekend



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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Hi Jigotai. Welcome (belatedly) and look forward to more shots in the future.


Good shots, one and all.


Love the B&W shot of HB's - brings out the character of the guy nicely.


Snatcher will now have me dreaming Jurrasic style dreams tonight. And it also reminds me that I'm off to the dentist tomorrow. Thanks for that. :lol:



If you're being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a tunnel, then on to a little seesaw, then jump through a hoop of fire. They're trained for that.


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