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I assumed from your comment "Lots of shots of blurred birds (they won't fly by slowly)" that you would have preferred not blurred birds, obviously I was wrong.


Exif data shows that one taken at f5.6 not f8.


Apologies I didn't mean that perhaps as it came across. I wanted the images not frozen but with some movement evident.


I took about 40-50 shots and 90% were way too blurred especially of the very fast one <name escapes me atm>, but the vultures came out clearer as they are much slower birds.


I also messed about the aperture to try and keep the speed fast enough, especially for the birds flying at lower level against a darker background. And of course the birds in the sky needed over exposing to get them properly exposed. At least taking them in RAW allowed me to adjust exposure levels if required in photoshop.


For me this was really an experiment to see what worked and if I could get any decent shots out of the set I took. In general it was a success, but I know I've a long way to go to get high quality 'birds in flight' pictures. I also know I need another, longer lens to give me more options.


And thanks for the comments and suggestions.



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Posted Images

Common Darter, these are much smaller than it looks here, abdomen (long skinny bit behind the wings) is about 30mm long.



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Yesterday at Duxford air show






Yes mate filler up with your best 100 octane




Russian and ugly



Russian and beautifull




BOB Flight






Ryusty nearly bought this one for you mate as it had your name all over it :D




Line up of Spits




Chesters favorite being worked on [Here fella does it matter that this wire aint connected ]




Something a bit different







Bearcat which was my favorite on the day






Edit first 2 of when i met Janet on the Thames :wallbash: .

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We are not putting it back it is a lump now put that curry down and go and get the scales

have I told you abouit the cruise control on my Volvo ,,,,,,,bla bla bla Barder rod has it come yet?? and don`t even start me on Chris Lythe :bleh::icecream:

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Not a particularly good photo - the light wasn't very good - compared with JV44's lovely planes and the beautiful common darter photo, but how often do you see this?


A dead green woodpecker still holding on to a turkey oak in Hyde Park yesterday.




EDIT: For some reason the photo wasn't working. I've attached it again. It's still there, the woodpecker - just about hanging on...

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"I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off."

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Hiya all :) Back here in sunny Whitley Bay after a stint over in our Drummore caravan. Here are a couple of recent Luce Bay sunrise shots I took.






This last one is the sunrise over Luce Bay as viewed from our caravan there. Cannot wait to get back !!!







Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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..........and if you think flying birds are tricky, wait 'til you try dragonflies! :o


I think I finally nailed a good one. :)


Male Emperor, our largest dragonfly at about 80mm total length.



That Woodpecker is weird.





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Thats superb ayjay!


Here's a Hummingbird Hawkmoth I caught in the garden this morning.



Eating wild caught fish is good for my health, reduces food miles and keeps me fit trying to catch them........it's my choice to do it, not yours to stop me!

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Thanks Fred, and Nick, I don't remember ever seeing one of those, I know they're big beasts though.


If I had more time I'd probably try a moth trap of an evening, instead of just letting them into the kitchen, like this one last year. :rolleyes:



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