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I have a number of books and in all honesty the majority are pretty much garbage, even books written by well known people.

I've found I prefer to read practicle books with real info on fishing methods, tackle etc, rather than anecdotes etc.

One book that I would recommend is "The complete Chub angler by Kenneth Seaman", published in 1976 so by no means a modern book.  I don't think there have ever been any later editions of the book after the initial run.

There are usually copies in decent conditon for sale on ebay and amazon etc for between 15 and 25 quid.  I just had a nosey at it and fpund it interesting that the authors methods and tackle choice is quite similar to my own.

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I have a whole bookcase full of Angling books that I have collected, however I don’t have the book you mention Ian it sounds really good.

I often read the better ones on a cold winters night or take one with me if I’m spending a couple of days by the water in the warmer months.

The last one that I re-read was ‘Confessions of a Carp Fisher’ by BB (Denys Watkins pitchford) which also contained R.Walkers account of catching Clarissa (or Ravioli as Walker originally called it). 

I prefer books that are not just “how to do it” books and which contain stories and anecdotes as well as some technical data and watercraft knowledge but I suppose it really depends a lot who is writing the book and whether I can relate to the waters they are writing about.

Some I like just for the history that they contain especially if they are also a bit humourous.


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I have far too many books, among those that I enjoy reading again regularly are (in no particular order) :- Big Fish - Trevor Housby : Carp and he Carp Angler - George Sharman :  Casting at the Sun - Chris Yates : Invisible Waters - John Bailey : The Carp Strikes back - Rod Hutchinson : The Fisherman's Bedside Book - BB.


I'm not keen on pure instructional stuff, I want some atmosphere.

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1 hour ago, ayjay said:



I'm not keen on pure instructional stuff, I want some atmosphere.


I'm avid reader of angling literature – with a veritable little angling library of close to 200 books (plus every Waterlog & Fallon’s Angler ever published) and not a ‘How to…’ book in sight. Below is my all time top 10 angling books (at the moment!) – with the self imposed limit of one per author. So in no particular order (apart from alphabetical by author…)
The Glorious Uncertainty – John Aston. Real toss up between this And a Dream of Jewelled Fishes – John’s 1st book – both are superb – but this one just shades it for me.
Reflections from the Waters Edge - John Bailey. I have most of Bailey’s books – but this early one is still my favourite.
I know a Good Place – Clive Gammon. Great travel book and angling read rolled into one.
Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders. John Gierach. If you’ve never read any of this American author – start here – it’s a best of from several of his books.
Fish, Fishing and the Meaning of Life – ed Jeremy Paxman. I love a good anthology – in fact they warrant a top 10 of their own – this one is superb and for me just beats BB’s The Fisherman’s Bedside Book.
Somewhere Else – Charles Rangeley-Wilson. Again another cracking travel book as well as great angling story-telling.
Rod and Line – Arthur Ransome. A classic which still stands the test of time.
An Angler for all Seasons - H T Sheringham. When Chris Yates first appeared on the literary scene he was often given the sobriquet ‘the best angling writer since Sheringham’. This book is a compendium of some of his best writing – and like the Ransome book still fresh today!
Red Letter Days – Various. A lovely read – compiled as a tribute to Bernard Venables – 48 contributors with illustrations from John Searl. Probably the book I've re-read the most!
The Deepening Pool – Chris Yates. I could have packed out the whole top 10 with CY tomes – I have every angling book he’s ever published. However this is easily my favourite - being a mainly river angler myself. Fantastic Yates prose coupled with his own photography – sublime!
Always interested to hear of other recommendations...

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I used to pick them up at boot fairs in the hope they could be worth selling on a few have been ,the book of the perch ,the fighting barbel and a few others over the years.

The rest sit on shelves or are in the loft in tin boxes ,i dont read them (not read any other than going through the pages to check for marks if they get sold on) not read a book for 30 years ,in the way i fish i just use experience i cant be arsed to learn anything new !

I was an avid reader as a youth ,one a day at least i couldnt get enough to read but 30 something years ago realised its all a bit pointless i will forget every word when i die.

Its all opinion anyway lol


Its a bit weird writing is like music theres a small number of letters or notes but how they are mixed is the point ,they could be good or bad depending on how they are arranged ,same box of letters or notes vastly different way to use them

Perhaps its time for more letters to be invented the ones we use are getting on a bit but hopefully sentences in the written form dont start with 'so' as it seems is the modern way to speak whatever 'so' means ?

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I have red letter days but just start falling asleep when trying to read it.  I also have the river price by Chris Yates and Martin Hoopers specimin angling by design, and again I find them boring as hell.

I have a few Len Arbury books which hold my interest.

I much prefer an informative book which holds my interest and I may learn something new to improve my fishing at the end of it.

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My favourite fishing is wild trout.   The only uk writer who comes  anywhere near my philosophy is John Inglis Hall.   "A highland stream"

Streets ahead of everyone is the American  writer John Geirach.   "Fishing the High Country"  and many others

That said, I have several hundred angling  books   -  good, bad and indifferent 







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Fishing for Buffalo : A Guide to the Pursuit, Lore and Cuisine of Buffalo, Carp, Mooneye, Gar and ...

simply put - it was who I was reread 100eds of times piece at a time.



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