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The end is nigh for livebaiting nationally!!!!

phil hackett

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Dear Dave


I echo your thoughts here....we must now concentrate on what the next move is.


I would think some organisation within the NAA should be considering calling a conference for all predator groups under its umbrella to come together and start looking at the next moves on this.....In fact, I'll go further than that and say that the NAA should call the conference on behalf of all angling.


This is however, something that I did not ever want to see happening because I never wanted to see anglers fractured like this.


I see some selling out by a few different parties in all of this.....elected MP's, Conservationists, Anglers, Supposed Angling spokespersons, a section of the E.A. framework, some parties within the NAA framework and Semi-anti-angling anglers amongst our mists. (Those who say its fine for me to use a worm or maggot but not for others to use fish baits.)


Those individuals will not agree with the above but unfortunately they are in some way responsible for this disaster decision, whether they like it or not.


Supporting angling means being committed to supporting all angling.....not just the bit you like.


Right now I feel betrayed....I feel sad and more to the point I feel like fighting back...if this time there are 650 anglers fighting back then that will show those out there that there are some Cornflakes being eaten for breakfast along with the Weetabix brigade.


I am just gonna see what tonight brings in the way of imput from the 'eyes' out there.


Yours With Respect....


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This not just a black time for angling but also for our freedom.

Two provable facts:

1. It is too late to prevent the introduction of alien fish species into the Lakes.

2. There has been no spread of disease caused by said introductions into the Lakes or anywhere else.


Since these truths are exactly contrary to the reasons given for the ban in a supposedly scientific argument we can kiss goodbye to using facts when it comes to defending angling in an argument about matters of opinion like cruelty.


My tax pays the wages of these morons who shaft us.

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Dave Lumb:

I really do think we should keep our personal party political views out of this.


As I have already said the NW EA tried to impose a region-wide livebait ban well before Labour got into power. This has not been driven by politicians, but has come from somewhere even more sinister - conservationists.


Let's focus on the real problem. What the hell do we do now?

Dave I wrote above “Mike, Dave Lumb e-mail me privately, its time to look at take the next step through the courts.” There are things we can do and ways of doing them that the sinister forces use. However, I’m not going to print them on this site to forearm the powers that be. I’m I? The offer still stands, contact me.


As for party political views, I have none, I’m equally contemptuous of them all, period.

phil h.

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phil hackett:

Been fishing today and when I got home there was letter from DEFRA. Cutting out all of the cr*p, the Sec of State has banned Live and Dead Coarse baits from use in the Lake District.

I’m surprised that no one else has posted this information. Surly, I’m not the only one to have received this notification I’m I?




I'll post the full letter tomorrow when I’ve scanned it.

:(Thanks for letting me know this is the first i have heard about this and it don't bode well for us anglers..I don't know what they are thinking about it's just more beurocratic bull..Something has to be done to protect the rights of angler's..
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Remember the story about the Nazis


With all due respect to pike fishermen, I think comparing the banning of live/deadbaits with the holocaust is obscene.

If you take fishing that seriously you need to get a better sense of perspective!

Wag - I read it more as a comparison of one government (the Nazi folk under Hitler) that chose to target and damage various groups for political ends to another government (current UK) that is showing some signs of the same sort of thinking.


From a perspective insulated from the affair by quite a distance, I too find the signs disturbing. Someone earlier mentioned this decision being based on 'bad science'. I don't think it was based on any science at all, good or bad. I think they just threw in the odd scientific bit as a distraction.


Don't know about you but I look with serious dis-favor at any move by the government to limit freedom and choice unless there is a very compelling need.


Many may take a very different view and only be concerned when "their ox is gored" but I think vagabond's point was well made.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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