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Just got back in from a great trotting session :)


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I managed to get out later this afternoon and it was a bit of a red letter day with barbel, dace and chub. Idon't know how many but i caught what seemed like a lot. I did take pic's of some of them...



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I know you like your chub Brian, where they any size ?

Some nice ones, but nothing that had me running for the scales.


I found 4 carp today, one was a ghosty, which is what caught my eye first and then I realised there were 4 of them. Sadly they didn't seem to fancy any bread for dinner.


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amazing fishing



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Thank's for the comments gent's.

When trotting I've had quite a few of 9lb'ers and over, my biggest being 9lb 11ounce and have been chasing a double so I was a bit miffed as i'm positive the one i'm holding topped 10lb...but I hadn't got the bloody scales !...so still no double. The fish was much bigger than it looks in the pic and one of the widest i've seen.

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