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Took some beach shots yesterday and today. Sadly didnt come out to great - but here they are.


Was a dull and cold day yesterday .... so quite hard to get shot I'd have liked ... this is best from a bad bunch.


Reef Beach.






Only had a few minutes as sun was going down, and was very overcast.... need to return here, beach is HUGE so very hard to find a place to frame the shot from, hopefully get a great shot on a better day)


Ardroil Beach.




All, F11 @ 20mm, ISO 100.



tha fis agam a bhe iasg nuth dunidh sasain!



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They look good from where im sitting Gillies well done :thumbs: I can imagine you could get some top class shots from around that beach as it looks to have lots of potential so i look forward to any forthcoming pics from that location!!


Second one has to be my fav :D



You can view my photo album @.... olliejays photo album
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This so reminds me of the smell of France.

Fishing seems to be my favorite form of loafing.


"Even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work."


I know the joy of fishes in the river through my own joy, as I go walking along the same river.


What do you think if the float does not dip, try again I think.

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my POTD - 'a weird bug'.. strange how it turned out.. all i did here was crop and sharpen.. looks like a negative. must be the reflection off the glass.



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Weird one that......makes a good shot though!!


Not been out to get a shot for ages now and kinda missing taking the shots so i grabbed this one through my window of a couple of seaguls....... not great as it was a grey day but turned out a bit better then i thought it would.




and this following one i was just messing about trying out the macro setting on my Fuji and i have to say.......im quite surprised at the outcome :) gonna be getting myself some new lenses soon though :D





You can view my photo album @.... olliejays photo album
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Fantastic shots of the Swan, simply marvellous.


Come on give us some details, I would love to know how you acheived them.



The loose lines gone..STRIKE.

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