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Whatever happened to Carrot fibre fishing rods?

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Rods made from Carrot nano fibres?

This was being discussed in its early stages by engineers back in 2007 and it was not an April fools joke either, here’s an article of news referring to this in the Herald newspaper:

Why your next fishing rod could be made of carrots | HeraldScotland

It certainly doesn’t appear to have progressed a lot although I have read elsewhere about a couple of fly rods that were made out of carrot fibre.

Does anyone have any more info regards Carrot fibre fishing rods? or was it (as I suspect) not such a breakthrough as it was first thought?


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Keith, probably nothing wrong with the Tech' in principle, however it maybe never took off in big way for some of the following from the tackle manufactures perspective??

1) How are we going to convince Anglers to buy into it? - "Rods made from Carrots!!" & "I've too many rods already"

2) Where are we going to source the carrot fibre sheets in the quantities we require - the carbon sheet manufacturers are already tooled up for carbon fibre & have pre commitments to other contracts & Military spec's? (Carbon rods were more than likely merely a spin off from all that!!)

3) What are we going to do with all that carbon sheet & resin we've already bought & committed to buy long term.

4) What's going to be the cost of re training & re tooling? (& what's at the end of it?)

5) How do we sustain the business while changing over?

Maybe too many Ifs & buts for them to change. (Boron rods never really took off in the way that was initially hoped for)





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I always took the carrot thing as being tom foolery and nothing more.

I just assumed they were called carrot rods because they were carrot/ornagey in colour, same as the banana rods :rolleyes:.

I'm still not convinced it wasn't just a load of old chit chat.

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