Carp Fishing Articles

Preparing Chickpeas

PREPARING CHICKPEAS Well the first thing you will need to do is put a layer of chickpea’s into a saucepan as shown in the photo.  You want enough to put maybe two layers of peas on the bottom. Next you want to add your flavouring, colouring and any additives such as Corn Steep Liquor or

3FT Twitch FieldTesters French River Adventure

French River Adventure Almost a year in the planning, we decided we wanted to go carp fishing in France, however, not to one of many, well publicised, more ‘commercial’ venues, but somewhere wild and relatively untouched, a river adventure. Much like our UK fishing, where we thrive for venues that few others fish, requiring an

Anglers Paradise – Fish of the Week

THE 1ST WINNER FOR FISH OF THE WEEK 2017 IS… Craig Fisher who smashed his Personal Best with a 46lb 2oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake!! Craig’s Story – “I decided to give the Kracking a go, hoping to catch one of the big carp and land a personal best! After seeing fish around

Colne Valley Tackle & Bait Ltd weekly update

There has been some exciting news come in from all over our team this week, to start us of, our quality control man Ade, he had a quick 48hr on Westfield fishery before going and helping out at an event hosted by the ffdk( fishing for disabled kids ) He managed to land a mid

Giving chum mixers an extra kick

As the weather warms up it starts to become the perfect time for floater fishing.  There are numerous methods and floats that can be used from zig rigs to dedicated surface controller floats, there are equally as many baits that you can use from humble bread through to a huge selection of artificial baits. One