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Some Sad News

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I received the sobering news this morning via email from Newt, and have to say it made me pause to reflect how very short our time here is. Newt, you're in our thought and prayers, it's got to be tough where you're at right now, buddy.


Newt and Jan visited in Oct 2006 and the three of us trolled for trout on Lake Michigan near my home one evening and had a great time. Here's Jan with a steelhead and brown trout from our trip:




Be good and you will be lonely.
~ Mark Twain

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There will ALWAYS be a special place in my heart for people like Newt and Jan, a place NORMALLY reserved from Family alone. But this pair have been MORE like Family to me that SOME of my own family.


And seeing Pictures like yours above Severus brings to me HOW Jan should be remembered! With a BIG grin on here face and at LEAST a brace of decent fish!! She was loveliness herself when she had to be and was VERY much of a self preservationist as well if need reared it's UGLY head. She was the swapper of some AMAZING recipes. She was EVERY BODIES Grandma (Well almost??) She will be VERY sadly missed by all on here and many others ALL over the world because of the way she was made!! She exuded kindness. NOT at all un-helped at all BY her ever-loving Partner Newt!!Together they were invincible and as God joined them together (As the saying goes) let NO MAN put asunder!


Love and god bless you Jan, Missed you will always be. But lost?? Never while there are people who know you.


P.S. Had a word with Dad and left your picture on the screen so he recognises you!! AND given him the word about looking after you till Newt gets to see her again. So all will be well! God Bless Jan.


P.P.S. had to revisit this even after so long it seems since Newt emailed me and told me I have not been "Myself" and don't think I ever will be. A bit like losing your MUM this one?

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Chris Goddard

It is to be observed that 'angling' is the name given to fishing by people who can't fish.

If GOD had NOT meant us to go fishing, WHY did he give us arms then??

(If you can't help out someone in need then don't bother my old Dad always said! My grandma put it a LITTLE more, well different! It's like peeing yourself in a black pair of pants she said! It gives you a LOVELY warm feeling but no-one really notices!))

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Our thoughts are with you Newt.

Take care mate,


Andrew and Mesi

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