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The future of fishing

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I went for my usual fag break outside my office today, right by the canal. today is the first full day of the school holidays and on the opposite bank were three young lads of about 12 years old float fishing. Despite the usual distractions young people have these days there they were, just as i and many of others on this forum have done in our school holidays (many many years ago in some cases :D ). maybe the future of fishing is secure.

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great to see them ,hopefully non fishing bullies will leave them to enjoy their pastime,no kids at the pond today but expecting them over the weekend :)

what usually happens is the parents drop them off at the pond on the way to work and pick them up on the way home ,hopefully the youngsters can find a swim with fish in and be distracted allday if they cant they soon get bored and then the fun starts ,if ofcourse the fat bailiff hasent had a word with them first


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According to Angling Times, the number of kids (12 - 16) buying licenses has increased by 1,500% in the last 5 years, up from 9,079 in 1999 - 2000 to 131,130 in 2003 - 2004. I know some people think kids are a nuisance but they are the future of fishing, and I applaud anyone who introduces them to our pasttime.


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I as a 16 year old love my fishing and I hate it when ppl say we are ALL a nuisence (sp) etc


we not all like that lol   :D  

I agree. a couple of years ago i was fishing in a swim next to a lad of 15. He kept catch small carp and i was struggling. I asked him what his bait was and he said scopex flavoured sweetcorn. he gave me a couple of grains and i hooked a carp which gave quite a tussel on the float rod and weighed 8 pounds. The lad netted it for me.

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All the young folk of today will be much older!! And they will be scouring e-bay to buy back all the old stuff that they parted with forty years before! Then they'll be on AnglersNet moaning about how things ain't wot they used to be, how modern ways are an insult to angling, how only nutters use modern materials, carbon is the thing! They'll all join Fox Collectors clubs!! I won't be around but just see if I'm not right!

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I've got two girls. Rebekah is more interested in clothes, hair and nails. :D


However, Miriam doesn't mind the odd trip with me and she actually enjoys it. But as a season ticket holder at Wolves, that is definitely her first love. :D


But for both of them, even though they may not grow up to be anglers, at least they are not anti. And in tbis day and age, that at least is something to be thankful for. :)

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where i live theres a small resivoir and now during the school holidays there will be at least 3-4 kids there everyday and not the same 1,s so the future is deffinatly looking bright

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I remember when i was younger, not too long ago as im 20

Me fishing the ponds for roach ect. I wasnt a nuisance because i knew the basics of fishing. which my dad taught me in brid harbour before he let me loose on freshwater.


I believe that kids who mess about when they are fishing only do so because they simply dont know how to fish, because no one has ever taught them!

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