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Other half has been quarantined and bed-ridden for a week with suspected coronavirus. Started with sore throat and fever, then aches, massive fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches. Running around after three kids, one of them just 2-years old (and hiding the fact that his mum is missing from him) has nearly wiped me out, too. Sod this poxy virus!

On the plus side, my family can now make a bog roll last a week!

Stay safe out there, folks. This thing is killing those less fortunate than us.

P.S. First two days of 'lock down', I had to kick four people off the farm (they 'wandered' off the path). I even saw people with an Ordnance Survey map on their exercise. Thankfully, the novelty of being on 'holiday' appears to have worn off now and we're only seeing the usual local dog-walkers.

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All good, thanks. Sorry - just trying to keep on top everything right now is proving difficult. She was lethargic for a while, after the main symptoms passed, but seems a lot better now.

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Blimey sorry to hear that Elton ,best wishes to you and your family and a quick recovery to all

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I had a phone call from my GP this morning advising us to sleep in separate beds, separate bathrooms (we only have the one)

Wife is using disposable vinyl gloves to push supermarket trolley then dumping them.

All - Stay at home if possible & flatten the curve!!

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Keep us posted Elton, hopefully she will start recovering in the next couple of days, best wishes.

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Best wishes to your wife Elton & a speedy recovery.

The rest of your family need to keep safe & sanitising everything you've all touched in the home.

Even the toilet flush handle & taps - we do!!


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Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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I’m so sorry to hear this Elton, here’s hoping mrs Elton has a speedy recovery, and your family can get back to some kind of normality. It must be hard with a two year old, they don’t understand what’s going on. My grandson who was 5 last week, and is, ( according to him), “grandads best mate”, can’t understand why I cant visit. When we FaceTime, he will often turn his back and not speak to me like he’s fallen out with me. It’s bloody hard, and probably the worst thing about this self isolating. 

Stay safe everyone


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Sorry to hear that too Elton, please wish her a full and speedy recovery from all of us here.

Stay safe all.


John S

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